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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Mission Idea Dump

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PostSubject: Mission Idea Dump   Sun May 29, 2016 1:31 am

I've been letting my mind run wild for a bit with a whole lot of mission ideas, but I didn't want to use them all at once, let alone have a few at the same time. So, I just felt like dumping these here for future use and so that I don't forget them. If you guys want to dump your own missions here, that's fine! Any missions that have more interest than others, I'll prioritize making them ASAP for my own fun and such. Getting these missions done during summer will be great because I'll be super active and all of that, so I want to rise to the top of posters again. At least, I hope I'll be super active.

  • Wedding Bells: A very renowned gifted-in-disguise community is well-known by tourists and visitors alike for its excellent services regarding weddings. Recently, female visitors who participate in their mock wedding ceremonies as brides, the maid of honor, and bridesmaids have been disappearing, dissuading people to come. Students are being sent to the community to find out what's going on under the guise of being participants who want to take part in the ceremony and hopefully figure out where all the female visitors have gone. The request is for either an even amount of males and females or a single male and three females to participate.

  • Girl in the Mirror: More than a few centuries ago, there was a young girl who had the power to travel through mirrors. However, a mishap occurred and she trapped herself inside. Just recently, the mirror she was in released her and she is in complete shock about the culture around her, to the point where she would be easy to manipulate. Get to her and show her the world before the people in black take advantage of this.

  • Nightmares in Shibuya: There has been an exponential increase in people reporting in that they have been cursed with nightmares and bad omens by one of the youkai around. Exorcism squads all around Japan are flocking to find who it might be, but the faculty on Beata suspects that it may be a gifted with Youkai Physiology. Find out what's causing the rise in bad dreams, whether it's someone causing it or not, and bring them to safety before the Exorcism squads decide to kill them.

  • Questionable Activity on the Island: Staff has been monitoring the island lately and they have found traces of a human possibly living on it through footprints and teethmarks. However, it seems impossible for them to track who it is down as though the traces are erased before they could be fully figured out. The monsters also appear to be much more tame lately. If there's possibly a people in black headquarters there, find it and destroy it. If not, find the source of the activity and pacify it.

  • Ultimate Gambler: Las Vegas has reported that there has been a young girl who had only recently turned 18 participating in their casinos. Every time she participates in a game of Poker, roulette, or anything regarding luck, she wins and gets the highest award possible without fail. Her win streak record shows that she has been undefeated and has accumulated more than $4,000,000 as of late within the two weeks. However, her bank account is completely empty. Discover where the money is going; staff has reason to suspect that she is involved with the people in black and is secretly funding their projects.

  • Gifted Mafia: A rogue group of gifted teenagers within a largely populated city have banded together and have started creating havoc due to the discrimination they received from others having the suspicion that they were "different" in some way. They have been hacking government files and gathering support in the form of an anonymous cybergroup and gang, painting graffiti as signs of rebellion. Look for their leader and try to reason with him, and if possible, convince them to put an end to their activities. Fight only if necessary and if things go well, invite them to join the academy.

  • Suicide Pact: The people in black seem to be relaying messages back and forth by mail for whatever reason. The messenger seems to be very well-armed and from the way it looks, it's a rather important letter that may be vital to their plans. A group of students will be sent to intercept the message on its way and destroy it before it reaches the recipient. There should not be too much trouble coming from it, but keep on guard and wary. If things go well, the students will be back at the academy within a few days. (Okay, if this doesn't seem very obvious, this is a trap planned by AF to off a number of students so they would have to deal with less of a threat at the school. Considering how many people wanted to kill characters, I thought this would be a nice way for them to die. Anyone participating in this will die, save for a character who survives with survivor's guilt. The letter will be destroyed at a very, very heavy cost. I thought this would be a good idea to raise tensions at the school and throw in a lot of development on both sides - AF and the academies.)

  • Corpse Party: One particular graveyard seems to constantly have the graves dug up and the bodies nowhere to be found. Citizens are reporting zombies coming and that a possible apocalypse may be underway and that all of them would die. This isn't the first time the school has had itself involved with a necromancer or puppeteer, whether directly or indirectly. There is every reason to suspect that this is a gifted's doing. Find out why they are doing this and put an end to their terrorizing acts. In the case that they use the dug-up bodies as a means of self-defense, do not attack the corpses - they may have been revived as actual people and struggling to break free.

  • Free the Prisoners: A prison under quarantine has been showing suspicious activity as of late and the school has every reason to suspect that gifted may be subjecting the non-gifted people they kidnap and imprison to torture and forced human labor to possibly power a dangerous device and as use for gifted research. Release the prisoners and make sure as many of them as possible escape without the prison guards or the people in charge finding out. The objective is to make it out in a stealth operation. If the guards or prison owners find out, they have the manpower to exterminate everyone involved. If things go wrong and people got caught, send an SOS and call for help as soon as possible. There may be a rather large skirmish underway and it would be difficult for the academy to manage, so it is recommended that only skilled and experienced gifted partake in this mission.

If you haven't noticed, yes, this is basically my excuse to use all of my characters in the character dump. |D
This is all I could come up with for now. I might add some more later on if I see it fit.


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Mission Idea Dump
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