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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Official Plot Page

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PostSubject: Official Plot Page   Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:49 pm

Those born with a 'gift' are blessed with extraordinary abilities, but for many, it comes at a deep personal cost. They may be cursed as monsters, as madmen, as inhuman, and without the proper mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual discipline, a gift can grow out of control and consume its holders' life. Institutions across the globe, such as Sofia Academy in Europe, were founded to give gifted children both training and a sense of belonging as they entered a turbulent adolescence.

Beata Academy, the sole safe haven for gifted children in North America, was created for a darker purpose.

Decades ago, there lived a man with the ability to read minds. It ran through his family from generation to generation for as long as any could remember. As time passed, he fell in love with a woman of a different gift—supernatural strength. They soon got married and were blessed with a young daughter. Their families would often argue about which gift their child would inherit, but their beloved daughter was born with something much more amazing and terrible—Fear Induction. Both families rejoiced at the discovery of a new gift, but their joy turned to horror when their daughter traumatized several members from each family, sending them straight to the mental hospital and even going as far as killing her uncle. Believing her too dangerous to live, and wanting vengeance for their murdered and mentally shattered kin, both families called for the girl's head.

The father became obsessed with trying to find a way to suppress his daughter's power and protect his new family. His experiments, however, gradually turned from 'suppression' to 'absorption'. After years of research and experimentation, he found a potential solution that would let him transfer her ability to himself without resulting in her death, hoping for his daughter to live a normal life. A life where no one would fear her amazing gift.

He brought his young daughter into his makeshift lab and began the preparations for his ritual. However, frightened by the chemicals, syringes, and strange equipment, the daughter involuntarily triggered her gift. The father, taking quick action, smashed an object over her head to stop the pain. Seeing his daughter in a pool of her own blood, he began the procedure, an attempt to steal her gift.

His wife came home hours later, and after finding the state their daughter was in, threatened to leave him. Having already gone so far to keep their family together, he drugged her, putting her deep into a coma and deciding to move out into the countryside. Away from the people who feared them. Away from the people who wanted to tear them apart. Away from the people who might want to use them.

The place where Beata Academy stands now was once a mansion. He met other gifted families living nearby, some with powers stronger than his own, and a new idea formed in his mind. That idea would come to be Beata Academy, and forever after, the man would be known as 'Headmaster Rivers.' Since gifts formed, grew, and flourished during adolescence, the school catered to children all across the country ranging from ages thirteen to eighteen.

That incarnation of Beata Academy was different from the Academy we know now. Under strict regulation by four top students, called Guardians, the only goal for students was to develop their gifts to their furthest extent before graduation. However, their was an ulterior motive behind the Headmaster's actions. Troublesome, rebellious, and students with little potential were often taken out for 'final examinations'. Guardians would detain the student, take them to the Headmaster in secret, where they would have their gift absorbed by the Headmaster and be killed as a result.

Over time, students gradually learned of the Academy's true purpose, which culminated in three Guardians betraying the Headmaster. After a long and bloody battle, ending with the death of the Headmaster, his lab was discovered and his comatose wife and daughter were rescued. The school was converted into what it should have been in the first place—a safe haven for gifted families.

The year is now 2036, and the Academy has moved on from its dark past to become a genuine center of learning and training. Guardians are now formal protectors of the school, no longer students, and Headmaster Wright is both compassionate and protective of his students' well-being.

However, not everything is at peaceful and secure as the Academy would hope. The Headmaster's daughter, now a grown woman who goes under the alias 'Argona', has formed a motley legion of loyal men and women in black who terrorize the gifted world. They're known for their brutal attacks on gifted communities, as well as opening portals to the mysterious Island dimension to let supernatural beasts run free all over the globe.

It's rumored that their ultimate goal is to unite the gifted world under Argona's rule, and in turn to help reach a state of godhood. Her followers are a motley collection of misfits, outcasts, sadists, sociopaths, ambitious power-seekers, and resentful exiles. Some just look for a life or a place to belong, some follow her to satisfy their own hunger for destruction with their powers, while others hunt for wealth, glory, and power. Some, still, are impressed into Argona's forces out of fear more than anything else.

While highly suspicious of treason, she will reward loyalty. Using promises to her followers, she carves a path of terror across the globe, destroying other gifted institutions and wreaking havoc wherever her black-suited legionaries appear. It's rumored that her numbers swell every year as more people flock to her banner and more is learned about the wider world of gifts and abilities.

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Official Plot Page
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