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 Einarr Fastmundr Character Page

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Einarr Fastmundr

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PostSubject: Einarr Fastmundr Character Page   Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:15 pm

Einarr's Character Page


Full Name: Einarr Framr Fastmundr
Nick Name: N/A
Birth Date: 04/13/2019
Age: 16
Place of Birth: Vilnius, Lithuania
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Father: Naglfari Fastmundr (Drunk & Abusive) Mother: Dalla Fastmundr (Deceased) Sister: Eira Fastmundr (Deceased)
House: Initiate
Personality: Einarr is a very amicable person, once he comes out of his shell. He isn't a very trusting person. He has had too many bad experiences in order to allow someone to become close. He has a very authoritative demeanor about him and is generally a very serious person. He only lets loose and has fun on rare occaions because he is worried about making mistakes. However, once you break down his wall, he is the most loyal, trustworthy, best friend you'l have. If he isn't, then he will try his hardest to be. He is quiet in class because he is very focused and enjoys getting good grades. He tends to bottle up all of his negative emotions, which is bad for him because it leads him to explode at times, though he will never hit a woman nor child. He is a gentleman and would go out of his way to stop a fight and avoid one. Although he is nice don't let that fool you and don't push him too far.
Acquaintances: Leo, Harrison, Sefira, Kotori
Friends: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Love Interests? N/A

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'5" (~196 cm)
Weight: 265 lbs (~120 kg)
Body Type: O-
Eye Colour: Forest Green
General Health: Acceptable for him, Poor for others, overworked
Natural Hair Colour: Rich Chocolate Brown
Birthmark/Scars: Einarr doesn't have any birthmarks but he has scars from head to toe. He has on right across his jaw bone, four on his chest, five on his back, and too many to count on his arms and legs.


Weapon: Knuckles
Gift Power: Level 1
Martial Power: Level 2
Endurance: Level 2
Specialties: Krav Maga


Gift~ Localized Forcefield: Einarr has the ability to create a small, localized forcefield for very limited time. This allows him to sustain damge, in that particular spot, that would normally break a humans bones, i.e. placing a forcefield over his fist, allowing him to punch a surface with maximum strength without worry. This ability tires his mind out instead of damaging his body. He can only put it over one part of his body at a time, roughly a square foot in area. It takes a second of concentration, which may not sound like much, but in the heat of a fight it is very hard to concentrate on one thing, making this ability only slightly useful, until he learns and grows more, especially when fighting crowds.
Hobbies: Working, Cooking, Training
Favorite Animal: Black Bear
Favorite Quote: "A wise man fears three things: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentleman."
Favorite Color: Steel Silver
Favorite Food: Bulviniai Vedarai (aka Potato Sausages)
Like: Manual Labor, Helping Others, Working on Cars
Hate: Laziness, People who judge too quickly, Losing control of his temper
Strengths: Strong, agile (for his size), prior combat knowledge, good cook & carpenter, tough skinned, not easily insulted
Flaws: Slow runner, too formal, untrusting, too logical, unsociable, bad decision maker
Fears: Not being able to protect his loved ones
Allergies: N/A
Quirks: Must be able to read you by your eyes, if not he is very uncomfortable talking to you.
Habits: Cracking knuckles, shutting people out while thinking to himself
Moods: Einarr is has a nice diplomatic mood unless you push him past the breaking point. Once pushed too far then you are in trouble, when you push him that far, he can and will fight you.

History: Einarr grew up in the poor(er) parts of Lithuania. That is where his thick Lithuanian (often mistaken for Russian) accent comes from. He never had enough money for food but always, even though the odds were against him, made sure his little sister ate everyday. His father was abusive and his mother died while giving birth to his sister, Eira. Him and his little sister eventualy ran away from home. This caused even more problems because, however mean his father was, he did provide some money to eat occasionally. However, they just couldn't take it anymore. Thus began Einarr's career doing odd jobs for people. The jobs included anything from building a house for someone else to babysitting. He did anything that would pay, even if it wasn't always legal. He also had to learn to fend for himself at a very young age because he had to protect his little sister from other thieves and the like. He discovered his abiltiy when he was about the age of 14. He discovered it in a fight were he was protecting his sister from a group of males, that wanted to... do inappropriate acts. He was fighting them off when one of the guys pulled a knife in the fight, when he put his hand up to protect his chest, the knife couldn't penetrate his hand. He then proceded to fight off the ramianing attackers. After that his sister came down with a terrible sickness and he couldn't get the money together to help her. He blams himself for her death, and that is the only thing he fears, not being able to save someone. He was later contacted by someone from this academy and he figured his life couldn't get much worse, and sprang at the opportunity.
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Einarr Fastmundr Character Page
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