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 Shadow's Character Page

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PostSubject: Shadow's Character Page   Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:29 pm

Shadow's Characters

Welcome to my page!

I hope you enjoy!

My Character Page Template (feel free to use):
[center][img]*Insert Img Here*[/img]

[font=Courier New][size=24][color=____][b]*Insert Name Here*[/b][/color][/size][/font][/center]

[font=Courier New][size=20][color=____][b]General Information[/b][/color][/size]

[size=14][u]Date of Birth:[/u]

[u]Home Location:[/u]




[u]Hair Color:[/u]

[u]Eye Color:[/u]


[u]Gift:[/u] (name, effects, side effects, limitations)



[size=14]*insert history*[/size]







[u]Love Interests?[/u]


[u]Favorite Color:[/u]

[u]Favorite Animal:[/u]

[u]Favorite Food:[/u]




[u]Quirks:[/u] (what makes them unique or stand out?)

[u]Pet Peeves:[/u] (Actions they can't stand other people do)


[u]Habits:[/u] (Do they have any good/bad habits?)

[u]Moods:[/u] (How do they portray their moods?)



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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Character Page   Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:04 pm

Erin Marie Gallagher

General Information
Date of Birth: May 19, 2020

Home Location: Dublin, Ireland

Age: 16

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 126 lbs.

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Personality: Erin is outgoing, tomboyish, competitive, optimistic, adventurous,
curious, loves to talk, independent, loyal and excitable. She is a free spirit
and very confident. Not the best student, but she’s pretty bright. Not afraid
of change; not exactly the biggest clean freak. Also a pretty big believer in
karma. Would rather not work but works hard at what she’s told to do.

Gift: Possession – very hard to control. Erin can possess living things.
However, the bigger they are (or the more strong willed), the harder they are
to possess. At the time of admittance, she barely has the ability to possess a mouse.

[Drawback: She leaves her own body lying about. She must make physical
contact of her target to possess them.]

Weapon: Throwing knives


Erin has always been a bit of an adventurer since she was little. Her two older brothers were great influences in her life, making her do daring things and live life day by day even when stuck in the middle of Dublin. Her household is very family-oriented and very close. Her parents always wanted the best for her and, in a way, gave her free reign when she got old enough but they were always there for advice. Of course, with her father being a police officer since she was born, it was hard to get away with anything bad around town. As she grew up, she was always competing with her brothers, trying to outdo them in anything they could do whether it was running, getting the dirtiest outside, playing sports, or being able to eat the most at dinner.

Erin’s powers began to appear at around 10 years old. At the time, there wasn’t much to it. One moment she was fine, the next moment, her body was lying head first into her food at the table or on the front porch in the middle of the day even though she would swear up and down that she was fully conscious. It was only after several times of this happening did she realize she was connecting herself spiritually to insects at the time so that she could see out of their eyes and control what they did. It was through one incident she finally saw her own body and could put the pieces together. However, it didn’t take very long for her to control when she was able to possess other bodies (mostly). The issue was growing in it and taking hold of her talents.

While both of her brothers also have abilities, they went off to the Sofia Academy for the Gifted in order to contain and control their abilities. Her oldest sibling Bryan has already graduated, but with the events going on in the academy, the middle boy Keiran was pulled out of school because of lack of safety. This is why Erin is going to Beata Academy in the states. After hearing about the wonderful program that had been put in place, Erin’s parents put together the money to send her to Beata in order to better control and grow in her abilities as hers seems to be the most dangerous out of the three children. They worried that if Erin didn’t start training now, it would make her life very difficult in the future.

Now Erin can start a new chapter in her life in a new place with new faces. It’s going to take her some time to get adjusted to the American ways, but she’s always up for a new adventure.

Mother: Laura Gallagher

Father: Gregory Gallagher

Siblings: Bryan and Keiran Gallagher

Acquaintances: Magic, Lamia, Owen, Dewitt

Friends: Blake, Louis, Destiny, Gabriel

Enemies: none

Love Interests? [Others interested in her]Gabriel, Louis

Strengths: Physically fit, brave, accepts change

Flaws: impulsive, won't back down from a challenge, stubborn

Birthmarks/Scars: has a birthmark slightly smaller than the palm of her hand on the left side of her stomach. A few obscure scars are on her right elbow, right shin, and left ankle from many trips and falls throughout her adventures.

Favorite Color: light blue

Favorite Animal: fox

Favorite Food: boxty and anything pork

Hobbies: running, frisbee, dancing (closet hobby: video games)

Fears: needles, small spaces

Allergies: shell fish (severe)

Quirks: likes to feel the texture of objects, typically walks around barefoot, undoubtedly Irish

Pet Peeves: someone/something tapping on objects

Habits: bites/picks at her nails and moves around a lot

Moods: typically very happy and carefree. Likes to bottle up anger and doesn't show depression. She likes to be completely alone when she's upset so that no one sees her cry, pout, etc. (shows weakness).

Accessories: Always wears a locket around her neck with pictures of her parents and brothers. Never lets it go. Also wears several anklets made by friends from her home town; also never taken off.


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Character Page   Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:57 pm

Peter Michael Carson

General Information

Date of Birth: November 17th, 2018

Home Location: Glendale, Arizona

Age: 17 years

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Very outgoing and talkative. He reaches out to others usually in conversation and is a big flirt and has a lot of sass. Plus, he’s a hopeless romantic. He loves and craves attention from anyone and everyone, but he can't get physical due to his power. Peter isn't the brightest person, but he can be fairly manipulative and has selfish tendencies. He doesn't remember much about his past and usually sends himself into migraines trying to think about it. Even though he is with Argona's forces, he is still quite an emotional person and very impulsive in his decision-making. He always feels like he has to prove himself to his peers, and he tries hard not to screw things up considering he failed as a Beata student and everyone knows it. He also fears his failures because of Scarlett's hold on at least half of his soul. Peter knows that if he screws up too much, he could just stop existing if Scarlett wanted him to.

Gift: Poison touch—His body creates its own venom while ultimately being immune to every other kind of venom in the world. The venom can be excreted from any part of his body, but preferably fingers. However, since his other half was not very trained in her power, he is not very trained and the venom is naturally only in his saliva with a few exceptions.

Weapon: Dagger


Peter has a very interesting story considering he was not actually born. He didn’t even start off as a boy. Peter was originally Penny Carson but took over as the dominant half and sex when he was created by Scarlett when a hunt for ghosts by Beata students went awry. Unfortunately for Penny, she could not find her other half by midnight and permanently became Peter who serves under Argona.

Since the incident that night, Peter has trained with Argona's Forces and has become fairly desensitized to a lot. While he has not had his first real outing yet, he feels the need to prove that he can be just as helpful as his comrades. It has helped that through this time away from Beata, Peter has lost most of his memories as Penny since this dominant half technically did not exist before that fateful night. However, he still does not know why he serves Argona, but he does know that he must.

Mother: Jordan Smith

Father: Mitchell Carson

Siblings: None

Acquaintances: Jonathan

Friends: none

Enemies: none

Love Interests? none


Strengths: Confident, fairly fit, quick reactor

Flaws: impulsive, easily bored/distracted

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Polar Bear

Favorite Food: Pulled pork barbeque

Hobbies: Shopping, walking, listening to music

Fears: being alone, death

Allergies: none currently

Quirks: Always has headphones and iPod whether he's listening to it or not

Pet Peeves: slurping of foods/drinks

Birthmarks/Scars: Large birthmark stretching from his right collarbone at the base of his neck towards the right shoulder. Scars include a burnmark on right calf and scar from scrapes on his left elbow.

Habits: cracks his knuckles

Moods: Very open with all of his moods. Usually happy and/or flirty. Likes to express his anger through yelling and depression through tears. Jealousy tends to lead to silence, though.

Accessories: iPod and headphones


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Character Page   Tue Dec 15, 2015 2:12 pm

Larissa Aubrey Wicker

General Information

Date of Birth: January 29th, 2021

Home Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Age: 16

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 124 lbs.

Appearance: Light, fair skin with long, straight brown hair. Small in build, but she can hold her own. Average height for her age. Soft, chocolate brown eyes.

Personality: Larissa is usually timid around strangers but is very quick to open up to people. She likes to talk but doesn’t like to feel like she’s stepping on toes. She doesn’t have a whole lot of confidence until she gets mad. Very short fuse and doesn’t hold back with her words when she’s upset. But she loves to see others happy before herself, especially her twin brother Daniel. She is not afraid to try to use her power to help her in disputes. Very emotional person.

Gift: Energy Blasts—the power to emit powerful pillars of energy from the body.
Limits: Can only do smaller beams and explosions; beams have short distance until she can improve; doesn’t deal a lot of damage.
Side effects: Uses a lot of body energy; Overuse can cause her to pass out and/or become weak; extreme cases of overuse can put her into a coma.

Weapon: None yet


Larissa and Daniel were born to Helen and George Wicker when their older sister Krista was four years old. They were very well taken care of in their middle class family, especially since they were the babies. Even as they grew older, the twins were pretty sheltered and watched over constantly as if their parents were trying too hard to be good parents. Television shows, radio stations, video games and even toys were thoroughly researched and restricted before the twins could even think about watching or having them. All of the supervision made things even more difficult when Larissa and Daniel were always trying to get into mischief, pulling pranks on their sister or trying to do something they weren’t supposed to do.  Either Krista would get them in trouble or their parents would catch them red-handed, but it brought the twins closer together. However, as they got older, Daniel went on to do things his own way and learn more about the unsheltered world rather than what his parents told him to do while Larissa tended to stay with their wishes, keeping her a rather innocent and naïve child. Even with these differences, though, the twins became inseparable as if they were two halves of one whole being.

Their relationship and the sheltering continued throughout their lives, and even into schooling. Their parents sent them to a private catholic school as soon as they were old enough to enter a classroom. Of course, this changed after the twins discovered their power.

The stories of how they discovered their energy beams differ. For Larissa, the discovery came out of a rather traumatic experience. When she was 12 years old, she and Daniel were out playing around the neighborhood one day. Daniel had gotten distracted and the twins were separated for a short time which was just long enough for Larissa to run into a large dog. She doesn’t quite know what happened to cause the incident, however, she remembers the dog leaping at her, clawing at her and biting her on the right upper arm and then her leg. In a panic from fear, pain, and adrenaline, Larissa threw her hands out in front of her in defense from which a bright blue and white beam shot out. The beam instantly killed the dog and she was rushed to the hospital to be treated for large gashes, bites, and blood loss. No one mentioned the dog at the hospital or mentioned the incident once she recovered. After both of them figured out what they could do, their mom and dad figured the best move they could make for their children’s safety was to send them to Beata to control and maintain their abilities.

Mother: Helen Wicker

Father: George Wicker

Siblings: Daniel Wicker, Sam Wicker, Krista Wicker

Acquaintances: Jake, Maria, Leo, Sarah, Freya, Kayla

Friends: Gabriel, Kaya, Will

Enemies: none

Love Interests? Will?


Strengths: creative, loyal, caring

Flaws: short temper

Favorite Color: orange

Favorite Animal: Red Panda

Favorite Food: Apple pie

Hobbies: coloring, shopping, nail painting, listening to music

Fears: large animals

Allergies: lactose (mild)

Quirks: swings her legs when she sits, very self conscious, very naive and innocent

Pet Peeves: foot dragging

Birthmarks/Scars: Bite mark on lower right leg, upper right arm and several scratches on stomach from dog attack; long horizontal oval birthmark on right outer thigh.

Habits: none yet

Moods: Being a very emotional person, she is open with all of her moods most of the time. She tries to hide sadness and frustration behind happiness around others so that they stay happy but usually that doesn’t work. She’s good at hiding annoyance though. Tends to be passive aggressive. Be afraid when she's mad. She does not hold back on her anger.

Accessories: Gold bracelet on her right wrist.


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Character Page   Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:59 am

Richard Lee Sanford

General Information

Date of Birth: June 15, 2016

Home Location: Greenville, Maine/ Rosebury, North Dakota

Age: 20

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 156 lbs.

Appearance: Somewhat tall, fair skin with longer, shaggy blonde hair. Somewhat muscular but mainly to stay fit than to be strong which was learned during his time at Beata. About average weight, maybe on the underweight side for his height. Light, meadow green eyes.

Personality: Mostly quiet and softer personality. Due to this, he can come off as an awkward, clumsy dork, but he's learned to become more positive during his time at the school where before, he seemed to dislike everything. He's somewhat of an introvert, keeping to himself but he has a decent amount of confidence, keeping him from being easily manipulated. He is not much of an impulsive thinker and likes to have full plans before acting on anything. He does not tolerate anyone picking on him and is not afraid to call people out on their bad behaviors. As a guardian, this feature is a bit more amplified since he's required and paid to abide the rules and keep others from breaking them.

Gift: Intangibility -- the ability to move through any physical object. This is done by separating the molecules in his body to move through the atomic-sized spaces in the objects he moves through. His ability to move through objects can be directly affected by its density.

Weapon: dirk


All of his life, Richard has been pretty well off. With is mom being a business woman and his father being a manager in a large fishing company localized in Maine, they've done well for an upper middle class family. However, for Richard, the jobs his parents hold have always been intimidating for him since he was a child.

When Richard was little, he always strove to be like his dad. He loved the fishing company his father worked at but mainly because of the weekly lake visits during the summers. It was a tradition they as a family always enjoyed, even after his sister was born when he was nine years old. It was always so much fun spending hours in the sun while no one worked or had any other obligations. However, as time passed and his mother started climbing up the business ladder, the times spent at the lake became seldom as she devoted a lot of her time to her job. It wasn't a terrible decision. She made more money so they were able to go out and eat at fancier restaurants or get more toys, but it wasn't really the same.

As the years rolled by and Richard got older, he watched both of his parents quickly become major roles in the companies they worked for. His father being a very successful manager/co-owner and his mother working as an assistant for some top-notch rich business snob, everyone had become focused on who Richard was going to follow as he grew up. That was cut short, however, when they discovered his power at the age of 14. It was funny, though. Apparently his parents had been expecting it. The day he discovered it was a day he was late for school. He jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and ran out of his bedroom through the door. It took him less than a second to notice when his body made it through the solid oak door and his backpack in his hand did not, throwing him off his feet and sending him to the floor. Somehow, everyone in the house coincidentally managed to see it and his parents laughed while his sister was horribly confused like he was.

So, after some arrangements, and a couple of years of searching for someone to help him, they received a letter from Beata where at the age of 17, he finally decided to attend... well, after his parents forcefully dropped him off at the gates and took off before he could climb back in the car. At first, Beata didn't really help. He couldn't make many friends and he found the one girl on campus who knew how to jump on all of his nerves. But then he met a few people who helped him out, one girl being Brailynn who has pretty much been by his side through the drama he caused. After taking a semester break, he somehow managed to get caught up just in time for graduation and soon after, he accepted his job as a guardian of the school.

Mother: Lori Sanford

Father: Garrison Sanford

Siblings: McKenzie Sanford

Acquaintances: Jace, Heron

Friends: Verona, Brailynn, Barry

Enemies: Verona

Love Interests? Brailynn


Strengths: decisive, planner, organized, full control of power

Flaws: passive, not very strong

Favorite Color: dark green

Favorite Animal: Owl

Favorite Food: Clam chowder

Hobbies: video games, walking, fishing

Fears: losing, public speaking

Allergies: None

Quirks: sticks his tongue out a little when he's concentrating

Pet Peeves: nonstop talking

Birthmarks/Scars: blotchy spot about the size of a quarter on left shoulder blade

Habits: clicks pens when he's thinking

Moods: He is more reserved with his moods. He keeps them to himself most of the time but has gotten better at projecting them to prevent bottling up. He doesn't tend to feel 'too much' of one mood like 'too happy' or 'too mad.'

Accessories: None


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Character Page   Fri May 13, 2016 5:41 pm

Dimitris Sebastian Constanides

General Information
Date of Birth: May 19, 2020

Home Location: Athens, Greece

Age: 15

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: White/silver

Eye Color: Blue

Personality: Dimitris is a very quiet person. He stays out of the way and typically goes unheard or unseen. He talks only when talked to but tends to have a lot of thoughts running through his mind. When he was little, he loved to make jokes and make people laugh, but as he has gotten older, that has changed quite a bit. He has little to no confidence in himself and he can't stand to make people upset. He loves to be by himself and because of this, keeps people at a distance. He doesn't smile a whole lot either.

Gift: Ice Manipulation - The ability to control the cold and ice.

Weapon: None

Dimitris was adopted when he was a baby, separated from his twin brother Chris. He was taken in by a lone, non-gifted couple in Athens, Greece who had been trying to have their own children for several years but were unsuccessful. Everything was great for the first several years even after he was told about his adoption. Dimitris had grown up healthy and happy, surrounded by love and supportive family until he was 6.

Around that time, the couple that took him in finally managed to have their own biological child, and suddenly all of their attention turned to that. While his mother was pregnant, it was all about picking out the right baby clothes and painting the nursery just right, effectively tossing Dimitris to the side. At first, Dimitris wasn't too worried about it but the neglect had quickly become a regular occurrence. When his younger brother was finally born, Dimitris had all but disappeared from his parents' lives. He tried getting their attention in several different ways as children do, and as he got older, he began to get into more and more trouble, doing whatever he could to try to get his parents to notice him. Nothing worked for a while until he broke their neighbor's window at the age of 9. Suddenly all of the attention he wanted was focused on him in the result of harsh punishments, some of which might be borderline abuse. After that incident, it seemed as if the only things his parents could focus on was what Dimitris would do wrong, taking time out of their lives only to ground him, effectively keeping him in his room for what felt like ages.

Unable to do much of anything to try to get his parents' affection as he and his sibling got older, Dimitris finally resorted to disappearing in the background: not speaking unless spoken to and not doing anything that could get him in trouble. He accepted his fate as just being the other child that wasn't related; that took up space in the house and whom his parents ignored. His brother Leander tried to reach out to him as they grew up, but Dimitris would push him away both out of anger and to stay out of trouble.

Dimitris had discovered his powers in secret one day around the age of 12 as he slept one night. He was awoken by a cold nightmare and when he looked, he found his bed covered in ice. It was shocking, but he never told anyone about it in fear that it might make his parents send him out in case they didn't want to deal with his problems since they were so focused on Leander. Eventually, his younger brother found out, and to Dimitris's relief, he never said anything about it.

Time went on and very recently, Dimitris had done a lot of work in messing around with his abilities. He had noticed over time that his skin was constantly cold, but it didn't affect anything so he never bothered with it. He was focused too much on how he was sick of being neglected at his home. One night, he finally mustered the courage to bring it up with his father, but it only ended up in a big fight. Several words were exchanged, but before it could be brought to a physical level, Dimitris stormed out of the house and didn't look back, not knowing that there were people pursuing him. He had every intention of going back and facing his punishment for the fight head on, but before he could, he was kidnapped by a mysterious group of people, only to be saved later by Matthew and Sophia who brought him back to Beata Academy.

Mother: Laura Allen/Evangelia Constanides

Father: Oliver Allen/Nicholas Constanides

Siblings: Chris Allen; Leander Constanides

Acquaintances: None

Friends: None

Enemies: None

Love Interests? None

Strengths: decent control over his gift, great listener

Flaws: No confidence, doesn't think for himself

Favorite Color: brown

Favorite Animal: panther

Favorite Food: Keftedakia

Hobbies: reading

Fears: large groups of people, fighting

Allergies: peanuts

Quirks: likes to play with a snowball

Pet Peeves: pointless arguing

Birthmarks/Scars: circular birthmark on the backside of his left arm

Habits: none currently

Moods: Dimitris typically keeps everything hidden as he keeps most people at a distance. He stays neutral with everything as to not take sides so that no one can blame him for their problems. This makes him come off as apathetic even though he is quite the opposite.

Accessories: None


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PostSubject: Re: Shadow's Character Page   Mon May 16, 2016 10:22 pm

Declan Bailey Rodgers

General Information

Date of Birth: December 13, 2019

Home Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Age: 17

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 141 lbs.

Hair Color: strawberry blond

Eye Color: brown

Personality: Declan is snobby, arrogant, and can be all around annoying. He has the mindset that the money his family has makes him better than everyone around him and that it gives him authority. If his "authority" is questioned, though, he quickly results to his money and his father's occupation as a lawyer. He loves to talk himself up and brag about his own accomplishments which leaves him with little to no real friends. He's selfish and stubborn and because of that, he loves to argue but he can't physically fight. What he lacks in physical strength, he does make up for in smarts, and while he is shallow and pretty set in his ways, he can't stand failure and will do whatever he can to prevent it. This probably stemmed from being babied as a child with little to no discipline as he grew up. He would change if he could acknowledge his terrible behavior.

Gift: Density Manipulation - the ability to manipulate the density of himself or objects he touches. He can make them heavier or lighter.

Side effects:
While he can make himself heavier, his body does not adjust to the difference. If he isn't careful, he can basically crush himself under his own weight. Also, the larger the object being manipulated, the longer it takes to manipulate it. It takes a lot of power to change the density and his lack of stamina leads to typical overuse side effects. Also, objects manipulated stay that way until he changes them back.

Weapon: large hammer


Declan comes from a rather rich family. With his mother being a pediatrician and his father being a lawyer, they sit comfortably in the upper class with a lot of material items. His younger brother still lives at home with their nanny while their parents work relentlessly and constantly. It might be a sad life, but it's the only one Declan has ever known.

Ever since Declan was born, both of his parents have been workaholics. He lived most of his life with the nanny that they'd hired just after he was born so that his mother could go back to work. The only time he would see either of them was if their workplace forced them to take time off. His nanny was nice, however, and raised him herself but he was a troublesome child. It wasn't a typically a problem until the summer when Declan was four. When he and the nanny were at the park, he had gotten mad with another child and started beating on him. The nanny had spanked him for it, thinking that beating up someone deserved more than a bad scolding. When Declan's parents found out, though, they freaked and had nearly fired her and sued her for all she was worth, but she was able to keep her job. From then on, the nanny had refused to try to do anything else that would remotely be considered out of line, so since then, Declan has had basically no discipline and has been allowed to do whatever he wanted.

Declan found out about his power pretty early on. His mother has the same power even though she never uses it, thinking it is more of a hindrance than anything, so she had been expecting it when she had her children. He had discovered it around 11 years old and had a lot of fun accidentally manipulating things when he found out. By the end of his play, several items around the house had become so light that they were floating around the room. The nanny freaked and had passed out in the kitchen, but Declan's mother came home and fixed everything. Later on, she had tried to take the time to teach him how to use it, but she was too mixed up with work to stay home for very long. It excited Declan to no end, but unfortunately it did not last long. Within two weeks, his mother had given up and gone back to her regular working schedule.

The attitude his parents had toward him with his power had hit Declan hard, and in anger and aggravation, he found ways of going out on his own and spending a lot of money. It was during this time that Declan had finally found his "friends" at school and got into quite a bit of trouble with them. He couldn't bring himself to admit that what he was doing was foolish and probably wrong because for the first time in his life outside of his brother, Declan was having fun with people who put in effort to at least talk to him, even if it was for money. It was this same frame of mind that got him to spend enough money with enough connections to get his tattoo without his parents finding out... at the time it occurred. It was this attitude that made his parents drop him off at Beata in the first place after getting an invitation to the school.


Mother: Jennifer Rodgers

Father: Donovan Rodgers

Siblings: William Rodgers

Acquaintances: None

Friends: None

Enemies: None

Love Interests? None


Strengths: Observant

Flaws: arrogant, snobby, possibly narcissistic

Favorite Color: yellow

Favorite Animal: chipmunk

Favorite Food: lobster alfredo

Hobbies: spending money, swimming

Fears: failure

Allergies: None

Quirks: he loves to talk about himself

Pet Peeves: too much talking from others

Birthmarks/Scars: Tattoo of a grizzly bear on his ankle

Habits: recklessly spends money

Moods: Declan is very open with his moods. Typically, he doesn't let things get to him but he will not hesitate to tell anyone how he feels and how it needs to be fixed for his sake. He also holds grudges until he forgets.

Accessories: He has this pillow that he holds close to him but he keeps it in his dorm to keep it from getting ruined.


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