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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 N-A's character plotting page

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PostSubject: N-A's character plotting page   Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:44 pm

Zachary Treble Montz
Generally speaking, it's good to note that Zach is almost never safe to approach.
He keeps two knives on his person at all times.
He's named them "Sum" and "Wunderful", respectively.
He'll also attempt to find excuses to use them whenever possible.
Apprehensive when it comes to using his power.

Power details
His entire power is reliant on his ability to get his blood on an inorganic surface.
At base levels, blood moves slowly, but forcefully. It can easily trip people if, say, the blood moves under their feet, and push things across a table, but not much else.
Later editions of the power involve the ability to directly influence the surface the blood is attached to, and some phase-changing perks of the blood.
The power is a double-edged sword.
Using it involves sustaining an injury, and while one may become conditioned to the pain, and teach the body to cope with less blood, it's still an extraordinary danger, as this power does NOT come with healing of any sort.

Other notes
Garcalius Montz, his father, is a major league millionare, but also raised his son in significantly poorer conditions.
His father is also one sinister sonuvagun.
Zach will almost never injure himself.
His lifestyle involves getting into enough fights already, his blood doesn't need any help evacuating itself.
Zach gets anxious and nervous to the border of crazy when alone outside.
He's actually pretty good at mixing drinks and bowling.
He's pretty terrible at being humble, working with animals, and keeping secrets.
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N-A's character plotting page
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