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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Coon's Character Pages

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PostSubject: Coon's Character Pages   Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:11 am

Coon's Student Pages

Mason 'Magic' Stein                    Destiny Renee Williams                    Sophia Clare Nohr                    Daniel Austin Wicker
Robert 'Rob' Cooper                    Rose Mae Arsement                    Mitchel 'Mitch' Fagan                    Janya 'Naya' Anders
Alexander Johnathan Day                    Dorian Phillip Karim

Status of all characters

Magic - Alive           Destiny - Alive           Rose - Alive
Sophia - Alive           Daniel - Alive           Robert - Alive           Mitch - Alive           Janya - Alive
Alexander - Alive           Dorain - Alive

Not in Use:
Vincent - Binned          Keira - Binned

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Flower King

Posts : 2987
Beata Bucks : 3043
Join date : 2013-03-15
Age : 20

PostSubject: Re: Coon's Character Pages   Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:55 am

Mason 'Magic' Wallace Stein

◤General Information

Age: 18
Date of Birth: Febuary 28th, 2018
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 162 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grayish Green
House: Winter
Dorm: 102

Personality: Magic's usual neutral personality is more so quiet, and reserved. He usually only says something when he has to, and doesn't really engage with other students unless things are getting too out of hand, and he is at risk of being hurt, or he is in the way. When he is around friends, he is cheerful, and usually has some light in his eyes. He is more likely to talk in these moments, and be a bit more care-free. When he is angry, stay clear. At this time he will usually not say anything and ignore anyone who tries to talk to him. At this time he usually heads to the gym or goes off to be by himself.


Gift: Sound Manipulation/Audiokinesis
Abilities: He can speed up, slow down, change the pitch, change the frequency, and distort the sound waves. He can also mimic sounds he has heard. Sound can also increase the strength of his melee attacks, it also gives him super hearing. He can use the sound to boost his speed. If he emits sound waves into the ground it can cause an earthquake, though this usually only happens when he is really angry.
Limits: If he uses the sound waves to attack, it only really travels in a straight direction. No curving or anything. The further away his target is, the weaker the damage that may be done to the target, unless he puts in a lot of effort to reach them. Still this distance has to be great for it to have little effect.
Disadvantages: Due to his hearing, he can get headaches easily, though he is rather used to them, and tends to ignore them. He can't stay in places with a loud volume for long for it hurts his ears. If he is watching fire workers he has to wear super ear plugs or something.
Advantages: Super hearing. Not really effected by songs that induce sleep, death, or anything like that. His gift can travel through pretty much anything so defense by physical barrier is weak against him.


Mother: Eve Stein
Father: Unknown
Everyone Else: Here


Birthmarks/Scars: Has various scars from be cut, stabbed, and many other things, Most are faded.
Favorite Food/Drink: French Dip Sandwich, Rootbeer
Allergies: Strawberries (Severe)
Hobbies: Fighting, writing, playing music, playing pool, reading science books, star gazing.
Interests: Music, Fighting, protecting others, science, math.
Habits: Rubbing the back of his head
Fears: At this point it doesn't even matter anymore
Accessories:A necklace Lamia gave him
Weapon: None
Trivia: He has a flame tattoo on the back of his right shoulder, he smokes from time to time, he will freak out if you show him a strawberry, He knows a decent amount of Spanish, enough to hold a conversation, but not be very specific.

Magic was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He was born to a single mother who is a prostitute. He was a mistkae, not meant to be born, or in fact made, but his mother was careless and didn't have enough money to get rid of him. She didn't care to put him up for adoption. She raised him, but she always did the bare minimum for him to keep him alive. During the night time he went to stay with his grandmother. Who took better care of him than his mom ever did.

A couple years later Vincent was born, and was actually planned unlike Magic. When Vincent came along so did the perfect boyfriend for the mother. The boy friend was around long enough for Vincent to know him as a father, but Magic just ignored him, because he knew he would leave just like everyone else. Even though Vincent had a father, Magic and Vince were still forced to stay with their grandmother during the night. Once Magic was old enough his grand mother taught him how to play piano. And Vincent helped the grand mother cook.

Eventually Magic was right about the boyfriend disappearing, but instead of leaving, the boyfriend died in the fire. Once Magic reached the age of seven his grandmother died in a car accident, erasing any major good influence out of his life. About a year later Vincent opened his mouth about their mother's job, which resulted in bullying for the two brothers, but it stopped after a while for Vincent because of Magic's efforts. Magic endured the bullying and got into fights every so often. One day Magic expected to be picked on again when a kid approached him, but he was only met with kindness. This kid soon became a good friend, and this kid was Barry.

Barry prevented Magic from getting into fights, and Barry helped him through the bullying. But one time came where Barry was getting beat up by four kids because Magic wasn't around. Once Magic saw this, he grew angry. He couldn't do anything about it, and ended up yelling at the four kids which due to being angry his gift reacted, in turn which pushed the four kids off, and caused them to flee. Barry gave Mason the nickname Magic after that had occurred. From there on the days went on like normal, they were still picked on, Magic still got into fights, but due to Barry's efforts it was less frequent.

One day Magic had enough, he was angry. He ended up getting into a fight, and almost killed the kid despite only hitting him a few times. The few times he came in contact with the kid, his gift sent vibrations through the kids body messing up the internal organs. After that incident, Magic was pulled away from Barry and was transferred to another school, where he often got into fights. After being moved to another school arguments picked up at home, and soon after his mother learned of his gift, and started calling him a monster. There was rarely a day that there wasn't a fight between Mason and his mother. His mother would usually lock Magic into a room, never really giving him any food after the arguments. This was around the time his hearing started coming in.

Due to being trapped in the room for many times on end, and for many hours on end, Magic would start to freak out any time he was trapped. After many times of being locked in a room, Magic finally broke out, and went down to a far alley where his mother wouldn't find him. That is where he found, and met Laine. Soon after the two established Magic's gang. Causing major fights to break out in the ghetto of the city, and creating issues. After a few years of running the gang. Eventually his mother got sick of having Magic around, and she sent him off to school, but not without on finally argument. The last argument where Vince has to choose a side, which broke the brother's bond completely. And then he was sent to Beata where he was determined to change his ways.

Model: Haru Yoshida (My Little Monster) or Oreki Houtarou (Hyouka)

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Coon's Character Pages
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