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 Alex's Character Pages 1.0.0

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PostSubject: Alex's Character Pages 1.0.0   Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:13 am

Kay, Alyss L.

Expanded Information File

Name: Alyss Louise Kay

D.O.B.: October 14th 2020 - 17 years old

Sex: Female (varies, see "Gifts")

S.Orientation: Homosexual (SIDENOTE: panromantic tendencies)

S.Preferences: Neutral leaning on dominant (see "Personality")

Height: 5'9" (varies, see "Gifts")

Weight: 135lbs 
(varies, see "Gifts")

Ethnicity: 75% Caucasian, 12.5% Native American, 12.5% Latin (varies, see "Gifts")

Natural hair color: Black (varies, see "Gifts")

Eye color: Dark Amber 
(varies, see "Gifts")

Measurements: 35E-23-34 (varies, see "Gifts")

Mailing Address: 177 rue Dorée, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Telephone Number: (613) 977-4574

Social Security No.: 696661313

Family Average Yearly Income: 333,000~$ [Mother/Father ratio is 30/70]

Mother's Name: Eve Ellen Kay, maiden name Glasgow

Father's Name: Adam Lucien Kay

Siblings Attending the School: N/A [[But may add some later]]

Siblings: 2 + 1 "clone"

Brief Description of Gifts: Organic Constructs - User can change organic material, including their own bodies, into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need. However, such constructs' structural strengths are limited by the user's will, and in most cases, unless the constructs are made of solid matter, they will return back into their original state if the user becomes unconscious, leaves the proximity or otherwise loses contact with (or control of) the item. Finally, the user cannot create organic matter, only manipulate it, and what's more; the user cannot control matter attached directly to another sapient creature unless said creature is directly subservient to the user (such as a creature they have created or something which is under their direct control in some way or another). 

Personal History File / WIP  

Context of Birth: Alyss was born October 14th 2020, on a Wednesday. The third of a family of three, Alyss was born to Adam and Eve Kay, and was the only among the three children to inherit the powers of the Kay bloodline which had - up to the point of her birth - skipped four generations. At the time, her father Adam Lucien Kay was already a writer of relatively great renown and so their family was sufficiently wealthy to inhabit a modest countryside mansion, though her mother brought in her own share of money with her modeling career.

By the time Alyss reached the development age necessary to walk, she'd begun very vaguely exhibiting signs of her powers, but - seeing as they'd been obscured in the family history for quite some time - her family did not pick up on them until such a time as she was already fully capable of speech by the age of eighteen months.
Early Childhood: [To be added]
Teens: [To be added]
In Recent Years: [To be added]
Personality Details / WIP  

Key Traits: Freewheeling - Irreverent - Licentious - Pragmatic - Spontaneous - Proud - Pugnacious 

Elaboration: Alyss is, at her core, an individual with a complete and total disregard for the rules. That is not to say she does not have a moral compass, but regulations and laws will never stop her from acting in a manner of her desire unless dealing with the consequences would be too much of a hassle in her eyes. Likewise, she had a tendency to hold in contempt things for which respect is generally expected, not feeling particularly obligated to show proper respect solely based on other's say-so or rank. Her behavior is often unconstrained and uninhibited as a result, as she never seems to show much regard for common social conventions either, though while she is undeniably the type to charge in without a moment's hesitation, that is not to be mistaken for a lack of foresight; Alyss is simply a firm believer that if you can't think and act at the same time, you should ditch the thinking and not the other way around as a deer in headlights would. An eternal pragmatic whom always considers all possible options when trying to get out of a problem, Alyss also has a penchant - if not a love - for fighting, and will find an excuse to do so whenever is convenient. Finally, Alyss has absolutely no shame or filters when it comes to sexuality, nudity, or similar things, though that is not to say she is absolutely perverted; she is simply honest about her wants and needs.

Likes/Dislikes: To be added

Goals and Dreams: To be added

Fears and Hesitations: To be added

Strengths and Skills: To be added

Weaknesses and Flaws: To be added

Hobbies and Pleasures: To be added

Addictions and Cravings: To be added


Towards Socializing: To be added

Towards Loss: To be added

Towards Conflict: To be added

Towards Combat: To be added

Towards Learning: To be added

Towards Free Time: To be added

Towards Religion: To be added

Towards Family: To be added

Towards Victory: To be added

Towards Failure: To be added

Towards Delinquency: To be added

Towards Sexuality: To be added
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Alex's Character Pages 1.0.0
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