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 Growing, along with the plants.

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PostSubject: Growing, along with the plants.   Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:48 pm

A delicate hand touched the cold bark of a Mother Goddess in the quiet forest. The girl had been coming to this clearing for a few weeks. The clearing itself, it had nice long, soft grass that swayed in even the gentlest breeze. Trees of all sizes lined the area. A perfect place to practice what The cherry haired girl was doing.

In every Mother Goddess, it was something different. The first time the girl had tried growing part of the Mother Goddess into something like a nest, or a bird house, it had ended up being something like a mumble jumble of branches. The next time, same thing, again and again until it started to look like a bird house. The girl had smiled brightly, before trying something else, slowly developing her skill.

As Scilene placed her hand on the bark. She envisioned what she had in mind. A bow and arrow. She had wanted to learn another way to hone her powers, to make it dangerous. Instead of just being able to make plants grow. With a burst of energy, She willed the Mother Goddess to grow what she had in mind, implanting the picture in the energy.

As soon as she opened her blue eyes. She saw a perfect image of the bow, attacked to the Mother Goddess by the tip of the bow, and by the back of the arrow. Scilene beamed.


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Growing, along with the plants.
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