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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Cat's Character Documents

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PostSubject: Cat's Character Documents   Wed May 04, 2016 8:16 pm

Seraphina Edolie Dalca

D.O.B: July 28th, 2020
Age: 16
Nationality: American
Hometown: Vernon Hills, Illinois
Occupation: N/A
Salary: N/A
Social Security Number: 857483740
Phone Number: 847-567-8675
Family Income: $60,000
Home Address: 3245 Instanță Street

Gift: Weather Manipulation
Pros: With practice, it's controllable with her mind
Cons: It can be controlled by her emotion when it is very strong or underformed and can backfire on her
Extras: Can cause lightning to strike, change temperature, cause rain and cause snow

Family and Love
Mother: Gwen Dalca
Father: Albert Dalca (Gift Side)
Birth order: 2nd
Siblings (describe relationship): Anatolie (Brother, First, Close) Crissie (Sister, Third, Not Close)
Spouse (describe relationship): N/A
Children (describe relationship): N/A
Significant Others (describe relationship): /Open
Relationship skills: Confident, flirty, sweet, slightly romantic, loyal

Height: 5'10
Weight: 147 lbs
Race: Caucasian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Skin color: White
Shape of Face: Round, narrow at chin
Distinguishing features: Rosy cheeks, a few freckles, nicely shaped nose, thinner eyebrows
Style: Casual (Mostly)
Mannerisms: Saying 'hm' often
Habits: Picks lips/scabs often, past addiction to drinking
Health: Fairly well
Speech patterns: Prolonged vowels, clearing throat before speaking longer sentences
Mental/Physical Disabilities: A bit of social anxiety

Interesting Information
Favorite Sayings:
Phobias: Claustrophobia, trypophobia, isolophobia
Greatest flaw: Procrastinates everything
Best quality: Loyal and kind
Short Term Goals: To get a job, make some friends
Long Term Goals: To control her gift, to be happy in life

Born to two Romanian citizens of good heritage, Seraphina grew up happy with her older brother Anatolie. However, after he caused a lightning storm to brew out of thin air and killed two kids in it, he ran away and was never heard from again. Sera was frightened, being only twelve and confused. The family soon moved away, leaving her, her parents and her ten year old sister Crissie in America in Illinois. She joined a nearby school there and in her second year, in eighth grade, she got in a fight with a couple of girls over the bullying of a student. Her gift kicked in and she found herself in the principals office of the school for 'punching the girls in the face'.

She was homeschooled for the next two years she was homeschooled. When she turned fifteen, she got into random fights with strangers, soon buying alcohol with her parents' money and hooking up with people at parties. Her mother divorced her father, taking her sister and her fathers money with her. The drinking and the parties had only risen, and being so young made her dad very frightened. He soon found out about Beata and sent her there immediately, leaving her no time for protests. Her drinking had stopped a simple week before entering the school, and she continued on with her life a bit grumpily.

Acquaintances: Inari, Bridget /Open
Friends: /Open
Enemies: /Open


Seraphina Dalca | Leola Taylor
Weather Manipulation | 
Reflection Manipulation
Autumn House | Initiate
410 | Initiate Dorms
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~My queens are Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Beyonce~

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PostSubject: Re: Cat's Character Documents   Fri May 06, 2016 3:52 pm

Leola Picabo Taylor


D.O.B: September 21st, 2021
Age: 15
Nationality: British
Hometown: London, England
Occupation: N/A
Salary: N/A
Social Security Number: 254837032
Phone Number: 020-435-4759
Family Income: $60,60,196
Home Address: 346 Bouverie Street


Gift: Reflection Manipulation
-Easily controllable
-Can alter appearances in reflective surfaces
-Can travel through reflections
-Can use a reflective surface to bounce an attack of any sort right at her opponent

-She has to pinpoint the exact location and find a nearby reflective surface to travel there
-Has a hard time creating reflections and this takes quite a bit of energy

-She can use reflective light to blind others

Family and Love

Mother: Imogen Taylor (Gift side)
Father: Ken Taylor
Birth order: 1st
Siblings (describe relationship): Evangeline Taylor (12, 2nd, close)
Spouse (describe relationship): N/A
Children (describe relationship): N/A
Significant Others (describe relationship): /Open
Relationship skills: Kind and caring, gentle in ways


Height: 5'5
Weight: 125 lbs
Race: Caucasian 
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Purple (Originally black)
Skin color: White
Shape of Face: Heart-shaped??
Distinguishing features: Neat composure, clear skin and straight hair
Mannerisms: Saying 'hm' often
Habits: Twiddling thumbs when nervous
Health: Good
Speech patterns:
Mental/Physical Disabilities: N/A

Interesting Information

Hobbies: Dancing, writing songs, walking
Style: Preppy
Favorite Sayings: "When nothing goes right, go left."
Phobias: Traumatophobia
Greatest flaw: Offends people accidentaly and often
Best quality: Fair, respectful and non-correcting
Short Term Goals: To master her powers, to find friends
Long Term Goals: To stop wars


When her mother was pregnant and not due for a while, the family went on a vacation to a peaceful place in Asia. Three weeks into their stay, Leola was born prematurely and not even a day later a war was started. They were trapped, unable to go back to England. Their mother had accidentally conceived another child by the time she was two and while they were imprisoned and her birthday passed, her sister, Evangeline, was born. The war continued until her mother had found a mirror hidden away. She took her and her sister since they both shared her gift and leapt through, and they were finally back in England, leaving her father behind.

They recollected their money from her grandparents and lived happily. By the time they returned, Leola was seven and Evangeline was five. It took them a few years to get used to live outside of imprisonment but they were happy once more. The (small) war in Asia ended by her twelfth birthday and their father had died before he could leave. Her mother had discovered Beata Academy and after a month of tears, goodbyes and I love you's, she was off.


Acquaintances: /Open
Friends: /Open
Enemies: /Open


Seraphina Dalca | Leola Taylor
Weather Manipulation | 
Reflection Manipulation
Autumn House | Initiate
410 | Initiate Dorms
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~My queens are Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Beyonce~
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Cat's Character Documents
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