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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Good Chat (Open)

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PostSubject: Good Chat (Open)   Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:46 pm

What a great place! Bastien loved Beata and he hadn't even been there very long. It was fun and open and huge and had a lot of people. Many of them could be rather stand-offish, but there was no challenge when all people were friendly and happy all the time. Albeit he hadn't made many friends, he knew he would soon because people just couldn't resist him. Sure, he had lived in the same place for years and it was almost impossible to make new friends since no one ever moved in or out, but still, making friends was bound to come easy to someone as fun as him!

Making his way into the lounge, a bounce in his step, Bastien took a look around. There was a large TV and a couple of couches. It was more amazing than his living room back home! He was sure there were plenty of cool shows on there, and he kind of wanted to click on the TV, but he knew he could use his time better and be more productive. Like make friends. Making friends was a very good idea. But the TV was just so tempting. Slowly he walked forward, debating absently about what he should do, when he tripped right over the couch in front of him!

Bastien tumbled over it and landed at an awkward angle, his feet up on the coffee table in the center of the tables, his rear on the ground between it and the couch, and his neck pushed awkwardly against the couch with a right nasty crick in it. Bastien whispered curses to himself under his breath, wanting to shout a few as well but knowing no one wanted to see those kept them quiet and to himself. Now he just had to get unstuck....

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Good Chat (Open)
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