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 Nasal Surgery

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PostNasal Surgery

Hello everybody~ As many of you guys know, I've been inactive lately. I didn't really have an excuse for that other then school keeping me busy but now I suppose I finally have a good one. You see, yesterday morning I had nasal surgery (which I really only recalling announcing once in the chatbox a few months ago so I am sure most of you guys are unaware...Other then also mentioning it to Splotch last night) I won't go into the details of it, but while it did go well - it is going to keep me under the weather for the next few days. My nose is in an almost consent state of bleeding and I have two plastic splits in my nose that lately I've become painfully aware of. Not fun. I've been debating on if I wanted to announce this seeing how I was already not posting, but you guys are all my friends so I suppose I should inform you of what is going on. The splits are being removed Tuesday, so I suppose I will be feeling crummy until then. After this whole thing is done with, I will make it my best attempt to regain activity on Beata - school is still being a bother through. I also might be on the chatbox every once in a while in the next week, but don't really expect it as I suppose I am going to spend most of my time sleeping.

Suppose this isn't a very happy Thanksgiving for me because of this, but that isn't going to stop me from wishing a happy Thanksgiving to the rest of you all~


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Nasal Surgery :: Comments

Re: Nasal Surgery
Post on Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:34 pm by Ebony
Aw, don't worry too much about us, take care of yourself Badger~ <3
Happy Thanksgiving! Get well soon ;ww;
Re: Nasal Surgery
Post on Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:44 pm by Badger
Update time!

So, I finally got the plastic splints out of my nose and the bleeding has finally more or less come to a stop. I'm going to school tomorrow and things more or less will return to normal. Only I am planning to be active on Beata this time...At least try. Meaning that if you want to to a topic with me, I'm up for it.

But of course, there is still some minor things left to do with the surgery, that being that there is a bunch of cloth or something high up in my nose but that is being mostly removed next week, but it isn't anything major. The splits was the biggest thing as I almost always were aware of them being there.
Re: Nasal Surgery
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Nasal Surgery

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