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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Kitty's Character Pages

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PostSubject: Kitty's Character Pages   Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:30 pm

Keirsta Chree



Keirsta was born with the gift of Moonlight Manipulation. This allows the user to manipulate the power of moonlight to their will. Rather it be for personal benefit or defense, the effect will leave the user in a state to where their vision may blur if used at daytime. A technique with her gift is Lunarkinetic Combat, which allows her to use her gift exceptionally well within fights, if honed correctly. With this, she can create weaponry to her will, shields, and the likes. Some of the limitations of her gift though, include the fact that using them within the daytime still is a struggle. Her preferece to stay up all night will affect her school work at times if she doesn't properly rest, and she struggles immensely with using her gift to actually create the lunar energy.

Keirsta has taken a liking to books and Netflix, as well as other things. She comes from Indiana, to a rather wealthy family. She has a huge thing for certain television shows, and she is over-all a straight-A student. Some of her friends have come and gone to Beata over the years, and whether or not she's actually had a boyfriend is something that has been kept a secret. Keirsta's also gotten a bit of a thing for alcoholic beverages, so don't be surprised if you see a few scattered about her dorm room. She has been sorted into the Autumn house, and happily resides there. After classes, you'll most likely find her on top of Diane's Hill, in her dorm, or just in Rosebury.

Keirsta has a rather iffy personality. She has a huge caring nature, and is open to everyone. She is never afraid to lend a helping hand to anybody, and is usually the first to volunteer to work on projects. Somewhat of a braniac, Keirsta struggles immensely when it comes to history. She doesn't find the true importance of it, and so most of the time that is her 'nap class.' Somewhat of a Twilight Sparkle, she freaks out over being tardy, having late assignments, etc. She's a huge perfectionist, and it can prove to be good or bad sometimes. The girl is a huge signer, and so you can find her around with a book and headphones often. It doesn't take much to set her off though, and if you do, she isn't the nicest woman to be around. She's got a rather foul temper, and can do some pretty nasty things when she's upset.


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Kitty's Character Pages
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