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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 what do i know? ❉ open

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what do i know? ❉ open Empty
PostSubject: what do i know? ❉ open   what do i know? ❉ open EmptyTue Nov 07, 2017 4:38 pm

i saw this on one topic and decided "oh hey" ❉

From every experience that she had ever been through, Simone knew that first impressions were everything. It all came down to introductions, body language, and tone of voice. Even though she had verbally told herself that everything would be alright, her brain kept telling her that it wouldn't be alright. The broken record that Simone considered her mind was deciding to be especially repetitive today.
You're short, what if everyone is taller than you?
You're young, what if everyone takes advantage of you?
You're not pretty, what if everyone else here is?
She lowered her denim cap so that the shadow it cast on her face would cover all of her features. After patting her ponytail with her left hand out of anxiousness, she smoothed it down and continued on.

Home. One word passed through her mind momentarily before the familiar yet frightening storm of intrusive thoughts invaded once again. What about her sister? How would Patience fare without her? God, no, she had both parents at home to care for her, she probably didn't need Simone, and it'd be better at home without her, right? Now, Simone was officially convinced that she was making up excuses about why she shouldn't be looking forward to her future years at Beata. There was nothing to truly be afraid of right?

Was this what she had expected when she heard she was going to Beata? No, not really. Simone had thought of Beata with great disdain at first, and she had been so opposed to going there that her OCD had decided to be even worse than usual for three weeks. It had calmed down on its own, but every now and then, the thoughts lingered in the back of her brain behind what she usually thought about nightly. Now that she was here, she felt a sense of thrill and healthy nervousness about knowing that she'd be here for a while. Of course, Simone had no problems talking to people, and she was looking forward to engaging in conversation, but she just wasn't ready to head to the initiate dorm.

She'd have to go there sometime though, right?

Noticing a coin on the ground, Simone's eyes eagerly lit up before she stuffed her hand into her pocket with a look of fear.
There's probably millions of germs on that thing.
Looking back at the coin, she avoided it as if she had never seen it in the first place, like she had to do with most things.
Now, all she had to do was find her way around...

what do i know? ❉ open Dear-evan-hansen
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what do i know? ❉ open
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