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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Is It Really My Birthday? (Open)

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Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Is It Really My Birthday? (Open)   Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) EmptySat Oct 14, 2017 9:59 am

ooc- mad as all hell since i had to post this the day AFTER his birthday.

Whether or not they had noticed yet, Rhett was uncertain after having stolen the theater department's smoke machine. Sure they could get some kid to make smoke for them; in all odds there was probably a student here who could do such a thing, but of course someone would take this as a personal slight or something like that. It was probably having fuller life helping the Spring boy practice though. And by practice, he was basically doing the same exercise in the training rooms over and over and over. Being able to turn his power off made setting it up a hell of a lot easier, although it highlighted ever more painfully how absolutely fucking useless it was.

He'd been in this room the entire day, and snack wrappers galore in the far corner were proof of that. He hadn't even been bothered by anyone, except for one person. She was bound to be back soon.

This time he didn't even bother looking at the door to see who had opened it this time. He knew it was her. Sydney called out to him, peering around the door and into the darkness, and like him, she was not perturbed by its presence. "There's something waiting for you in your dorm. Take a break, you've been at it all day." He shook his head to tell her to leave. That was the seventh time his younger sister had opened that door - he'd been counting. A few minutes after she had left, he flicked on the lights to illuminate the smoke-filled room. Six hole-ridden dummies were scattered about and he set to work in gathering all of them near the smoke machine. Once having done so, he shut off his power, turned on the machine, and began placing every dummy somewhere in the room. When he was done he switched off the lights, flicked the smoke switch off and walked toward where the center of the room should be. He then proceeded to spin around like a kid in a swivel chair, only stopping when he was good and dizzy. This was stupid as all hell.

The nausea subsided soon enough, so he closed his eyes and placed a hand on the crossbow slung across his back. It was was warm to the touch after the hours of use today. Since his power was almost entirely useless, the birthday boy had to compensate with one compatible skill or another. This was one of those skills. 'Three... Two... One...' The light in his eyes was back and they flashed open to a perfectly lit, clear room. Weapon drawn, he let out a volley of six in all. Six clean bolts shot into the dummies' bodies. In his haste, the sound of the door opening again initiated another shot that buried itself into the door. "G- Damn it, Sydney!" However, much to his surprise, it wasn't his sister who had come so close to injury, but an absolute stranger. "Ah, shit. Don't tell anyone about this!" He halfheartedly pointed the empty crossbow in their general direction before yanking the bolt out of the door. He'd get detention for this. Again.

gonna get new pictures soon! yay!
just in case:

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Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is It Really My Birthday? (Open)   Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 6:50 pm

The doorknob had crumpled up in the grip of her hand, left mangled like a crunched up soda can, much to her shock and dismay. Ishiko had been merely curious on what the lights and smoke show had been all on for, the last thing that she'd been expecting was an arrow pierced a mere few inches away from her face. "R-Right, Nice to meet you too..." The raven-haired girl wavered in the doorway as he yanked the arrow back out. Were they allowed to have weapons on them like this? Accidents were bound to happen. "I wanted to see what party I was missing but, I can l-leave-" She threw on an awkward smile, taking a slight step back out.
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Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is It Really My Birthday? (Open)   Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) EmptySun Oct 15, 2017 11:56 pm

She hadn't meant to crash the party, if you could call it a party when it was just one guy and six very, uh, unlively guests. Really, she didn't mean to be there at all. The whole point of the place was to train your powers, and maybe she'd just gotten a bit salty after the whole tournament thing, so hey, why not try something new? Poppy had never really practiced it, just wrestled with it. To her, to nana, her gift was more of an embarrassing secret, like an eighth grader that still wet the bed or something.

So why not try to control it for once? For real.

One second she'd been in one room, the next she'd been in this one. Poppy missed the door entirely, careening past Ishiko and straight through the wall in a cloud of white chalk that mixed with the dark fumes filling the room. She coughed and hacked, tumbling across the floor and into one of the dummies, but all she could see was the dark shape of a person topple over on top of her. "Ack! Fu-frick!"

Understandably, she missed most of the conversation, but as she waved the smoke out from her face, she got a good look at the scene. A bunch of dummies. A bunch of smoke. Kid with a crossbow. Poppy shoved the dummy off, pulling herself to her knees. Her eyes flickered from the boy, to the girl, to the hole in the wall. Aw crap, talk about detention... She pointed at the Asian chick. "She did it. It's alright, I won't snitch. But you should say sorry for—..." Her eyes flickered nervously over to the rest of the room. "...f-for interrupting..."

She wasn't sure you could shoot up a school with a crossbow, but she didn't want to end up on any lists for this. No way, Jose.

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Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Is It Really My Birthday? (Open)   Is It Really My Birthday? (Open) Empty

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Is It Really My Birthday? (Open)
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