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 Spirits, dang you!

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PostSubject: Spirits, dang you!   Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:22 pm

Green leaves and growth surrounded it's new visitor, trying to give her a welcome. Instead, it made Cordelia very freaked out and trembling. It was just so... growthy? Never mind that, but maybe practicing her gift in the forest was a bad idea. No, Cordelia! You don't want the spirits to annoy you everyday, do you? Well, that thought made her decision. The dead people used to make Cordelia get in trouble 24/7 at her old schools, where no one had powers like herself, so she grew to have a slight grudge against them.

"Ok, you just have to think really hard Cordelia, just focus," she muttered to herself. Closing her eyes tightly and balling up her fists, she made a small "Hello?" in her mind. Er, hi came next, making Cordelia get stomach flips. Though it was very faint, she was sure it wasn't that she was crazy or anything. "Ooh, are you there? Can you hear me?" the blonde thought excitedly. Then, a small rustle came upon Cordelia's ears, making her suddenly fall backwards out of surprise. "Um, who's there?" she called out hesitantly. Maybe it was a monster! Robber, kidnapper? Crazy spirit that wants revenge? Cordelia hoped it was none of these.

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PostSubject: Re: Spirits, dang you!   Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:12 am

cole, acting like a creeper was hiding in a small bush watching Cordelia. He wanted to know what she was doing, why she was just standing there. He didn't really get it. Maybe, she is going to ask someone out but needed some time to think about it? No...Hmm what is it? Cole pulled his legs, which were poking out of the bush up to his chest making a rustle. When she fell back and asked her question, Cole popped his head out of the bush and quickly said "No one is here." before he pushed his head back into the bush. "Just go back to what you were doing." He said hoping she didn't notice. He wanted to know what she was doing, but it seemed that he had screwed up. He was starting to think about coming out of the bush, but he kept thinking of excuses not to.


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PostSubject: Re: Spirits, dang you!   Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:24 pm

Happening to have been in the forest today, letting out her slight anger as she smashed her fists into a tree, damaging the bark slowly as it chipped away piece by piece. It was all those stupid Jonathan brothers fault that she was nearly expelled from the school. Honestly, what sort of annoying brats were they?! What lowly people they were. Absolutely inferior. What you call others, you are. That was her simple belief. As long as you do not speak it, it does not count. After a bit, she heard another person speaking before hearing another voice. Other students in the tree-filled place? Not many even bothered to come out here, so, truth be told, Lachesis was slightly shocked. Pushing her way past branches and leaves, jumping over a few logs and stumps before reaching a clearing where a shaking bush was - most likely some idiotic creepy boy - and then a girl, terrified. Perhaps she had heard her chanting to summon a few curses before to check her supply?

Unfortunately for Cordelia, the Autumn happened to be in her cursed form, so she could easily pass off as a spirit who has crossed over the planes and into reality once again. With her key-shaped blade and black vein-like markings coming on her left, the black horn features, ominous purple eyes, and a scarf wrapped around, the ends forming a pair of broken wings, ripped clothing that were quite revealing but not in that sort of way, and the bandage wrapped around over half of her left arm, she could be called a terrifying sight enough to be a "devil". Perhaps, this wouldn't end well, but Lachesis, for the time being, had no intentions to revert back normally.

"What are you doing here, listening to the voices of those in this atmosphere?" A cold tone that was bitter and critical, yet, a bit hesitant, give her a few moments for an animal to pop up and her to become soft and kind-hearted to the forest critters.

OOC;; Her cursed form is in my character page in "Plotting Pages". Too lazy to link. >v>


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PostSubject: Re: Spirits, dang you!   

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Spirits, dang you!
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