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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 In come the Johnathan brothers.

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PostSubject: Re: In come the Johnathan brothers.   Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:50 pm

Cain turned his head, seeing two teacherly-looking people rushing out of the building. One headed straight over to them, speaking a few words in French to Sibyla then talking directly to him. "I-I'm fine, Luce is just.. drained, I hope," he murmured quietly to the teacher, giving another somewhat fearful look at Lachesis. The girl was just throwing another curse at a student who appeared randomly and then rising another one at him. "Yes, and n-no!" he yelled back at her, trying to let his rising anger not escape through his voice in order to not anger her more, but failed. He was relieved however when the second teacher apparently caused vines to grow and trap the girl-- great.

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PostSubject: Re: In come the Johnathan brothers.   Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:39 pm

Montare quickly dodged out of the way of the bubble that was thrown at him, and prepared to dodge another before the curse caster was suddenly pulled to the ground by vines. Upon hearing the voices of two teachers, Montare turned to see whom had brought down his attacker. "I was passing by when I saw her attacking the new students. I thought it'd be best I try to deal with it rather than walk away." Montare told to answer one of the teacher's questions.

Meanwhile, Luce was obviously asleep, snoring rather loudly.


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PostSubject: Re: In come the Johnathan brothers.   Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:48 pm

Sibyla froze again at the sound of teachers rushing out, and just bit her lip. At the question directed to her, she nudged closer to Cain, as she was attempting to hide behind him. "Je ne sais pas ... je ne pouvais pas, et ne peux pas voir ce qui ne va jamais, je suis désolé." Her voice squeaked with anxiety, hating the presence of everyone around her at once. One of her hands gripped the handle of her dogs' lead, the other lightly placed on Cain's shoulder to let him know about what she was doing. She whispered a quick apology to Cain, explaining she was too nervous about the number of people.

Because Google Translate is a derp, she said she couldn't see what happened, and she's sorry.


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PostSubject: Re: In come the Johnathan brothers.   Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:58 pm

With the teachers coming and all the commotion, within a few seconds or so, vines sprouted from the ground, encasing her within them, struck straight to the ground. Oh, Lachesis hardly cared less about what was happening to the other two students she hadn't bothered with, but those two boys, the more experienced and new student. Muttering some curse under her breath, before being brought down to the ground, her arms useless and limp, her blade dropped. With a bright glow absorbing her, the girl quickly returned back to a more normal form, but... What did that experienced student say? If he was speaking for her, that was the wrong move, Spring. Definitely the wrong move. "I don't need you to explain a situation you came in without knowing details!" the trapped girl said furiously. This boy had no idea about what even happened, and yet he was all "Oh, please, I was here to help!" Yeah? Shut up.

Turning back to the teacher who had wound up imprisoning her with the vines, the Autumn quickly explained, "One of those new students provoked me into fighting by calling me lowly in intelligence." There wasn't an actual need to say what he had said, nor that she had been absolutely critical with them, and her... sudden very violent mood swings. While the curse-inducer hadn't been at the school long and is a new student - in a way - herself, it did seem strange she couldn't really tolerate them. Then again, it was a simple despise of most humans in general. It didn't need to be explained now of course, but eventually, there'd have to be a description on it. Someone was bound to ask.


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PostSubject: Re: In come the Johnathan brothers.   Fri Feb 28, 2014 5:01 pm

The English teacher let out a sigh of relief, hearing the reassuring sounds of sleep coming from the boy as well. She allowed herself to calm down, but with the entire commotion - a boy hung limp in another's arms and red life spilled all over them and on the ground, honestly, what else was she supposed to think? "Très bien." She muttered, turning to look at Sibyla again. "Petite fleur, ils ont besoin d'aller à l'infirmerie, pouvez-vous aider?" The teacher looked between the two boys, the worry still had yet to truly leave her face. "On n'est jamais trop prudent. Come on, Nurse Delangelo will look you two over." The encouraged them all to follow. The three of them had yet to go to their class, so she assumed they were the new students they had been expecting and would need help getting there.

The blonde's eyes flickered between the girl dragged to the ground and the lanky boy who was new to the scene. She had nothing to say to his comments, much preferring that he actually find someone of authority rather than try to jump into the fray himself, but he was not the problem and that could be sorted out later. What was the issue was this young woman who had thought it was acceptable to harm another student because - ... honestly, because someone called her stupid? "Oh, Lord..." Professor Moore pinched the bridge of her nose, frowning in irritation. "Well, dear, I fear you're only proving his point." She said blandly before taking in a deep breath and straightening out. She felt like she was walking into a spat between six year olds, only the risks between them were far more dangerous. "I could have you expelled for this." She said simply to Lachesis, "What do you have to say for yourself?"
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PostSubject: Re: In come the Johnathan brothers.   

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In come the Johnathan brothers.
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