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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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PostSubject: SPIKE THAT PUNCH! SPIKE THAT PUNCH!   Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:25 pm

Her head hurt. Whenever she thought about this stupid dance, her head started to hurt. It was all pretentious and stuck up, people voted for who they thought were the prettiest or the nicest. The whole thing was so stupid. So Eloise had thought up an idea, a plan to have a little fun at this dance. While her first idea had been to hold an anti-dance no one really seemed for it and there was no fun in making fun of something if no one else joined in. So then she went through everything she could think of to ruin this dance. First it had been a Carrie reenactment, buuuuutttt we all know that the whole thing backfired anyway- so that was out of the picture. Eloise tried messing with the decorations, but nothing had been put up at the moment and she couldn't find the decorations anywhere. So once again, she was back to the drawing board. She needed something fun, something classic. And then it hit her- Spike the punch! Nothing would be more fun, than a whole bunch of skinny girls in big sparkly dresses stumbling around and making complete fools out of themselves.

But there was one problem, where would she even get her hands on alcohol? Eloise had tried to create her own, but she could only conjure up wine or moonshine- something not too easy to hide. But she had met a few people, pulled a few strings, and had found out about a man here who could help her get her hands on some alcohol. So that was why, on a dark night such as it was Eloise stalked through Rosebury, clad in all black. The wind nagged at her, almost as if it was trying to talk her out of doing this- but her mind was made up and she clenched her jaw and ventured on.

Eloise reached the small store, but something told her that a man wouldn't just blatantly sell alcohol to minors in the quaint store. Looking around, Eloise removed the black hood off her head, revealing a newly dyed set of locks. Now a furious shade of green. "Hello? I heard you have booze." Eloise called out quietly, making sure there was no one outside before she went inside to check it out.


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PostSubject: Re: SPIKE THAT PUNCH! SPIKE THAT PUNCH!   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:11 pm

"Booze?" a voice called back out in answer as John sauntered out of the narrow alleyway. The man was well known among the students, supplying all kinds of lucrative and hard to get materials and never asking any names or questions. It wasn't a reputation he relished in, but hey, whatever it took to make some cash. Rosebury was as remote as you could get, and any legitimate work was as some clerk at a local run-down shop or miles and miles away. So instead, he decided to carve out a little niche for himself. It was either that or stocking chips at his dad's shop for the rest of his life.

He smirked at the girl and her bright green hair. If she had wanted to keep a low profile, she chose the wrong kind of dye. Anyone could be able to see her from a mile away. "Sure kid, I've got plenty. What exactly do you need?"

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