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 Nothing Like Coffee To Get You Going (CAFÉ WORK TOPIC!)

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PostSubject: Nothing Like Coffee To Get You Going (CAFÉ WORK TOPIC!)   Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:13 am

(Hahaha, how long nas it been since anyone had done this on this site, in wonder XD)

Jocellyn tried her best to not look like a sad mummy with those bandabes around her mouth and smug "so early" expression as she loomed behind the counter of the pretty café of Rosebury. Considering that taking a job here was an easy way to earn money, the mute girl had taken up on the idea of becoming a barrista pretty easily.

Little had she known that she will have to wake up every day to the mechanical buzz of her phone and walk through despicable autumn mist all the way from campus to the little café , which, to be honest, turned out not to be very baf as she graduately got used to it. In the shop, it was wadm, and it smelled like sweey sugar and cakes, altogether with the scent of coffee.

So, her headphones hanging around her neck, she was vibrating with shy excitement to begin her job. Considering she should put extra work in, she had made sure everything looked pristine, just the cherry-on-top.


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Nothing Like Coffee To Get You Going (CAFÉ WORK TOPIC!)
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