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 Beside the Sea [Mission]

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PostSubject: Beside the Sea [Mission]   Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:26 am

Arianne leant against the pier's fence, letting the cold ocean breeze whip her red hair into a frenzy behind her. The sound of waves, the gentle push and pull that had the pier rocking slightly in a precarious way, it was all weirdly soothing. The ocean didn't hold any memories for her, it was just a endless plain of blue. Weirdly, she liked that about it. She had no connection to the ocean and even her powers couldn't protect her from it.

It was a morbid train of thought. Something her psychologist would have rung up her grandparents about, thank god she never told the old armchair loving freak anything substantial.

Absent-mindedly, Arianne sucked on her lollipop, the cherry red hard candy staining her lips. She toyed with it, not coyly, there was no audience that she was looking to impress, but just long practiced motions. But a pretty little thing her like, all alone on a pier was apparently too much of a temptation for some. A man had been watching her for some time, not one of Evaline's men, his eyes were too lecherous for a killer, too young too. He had blonde tips and a tacky sharktooth necklace, the sort they sold at overpriced beach stores. It wasn't that big of a deal, Arianne simply ignored him, or she had been ignoring him until he came over.

Sweaty and nervous, he peered down at her through his smudged glasses, panting as he asked. "Konichiwa, are you a tourist?" He thought she was Japanese, Arianne choked on her own saliva at his horrible pronunciation and his rather rude assumption. Rolling the hard candy between her molars, she crushed it into shards quiet viciously, and gave the man a bored once over. How long could it take Adalene to go get a map? A part of her wanted to throw the plastic stick at the man's eye, and with her powers, she could do it in a heartbeat. But then their cover as harmless tourists would be wrecked.

Decisions, decisions...


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PostSubject: Re: Beside the Sea [Mission]   Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:30 pm

While Arianne stared down the male with a cold gaze, the click of stiletto heels against the wooden floor of the pier sounded Adalene's approach. She lowered her Gucci glasses to her nose, eyeing the man, equally unimpressed as her partner waiting for her. He turned around, averting his crude expression from Arianne to the new addition. Taking her place by Arianne's side, she turned her heel to face him once again, perfectly curled blonde hair settling artfully as she crossed her arms over her chest. Though his confidence faltered, still undeterred, the man continued his advances. "You know, I could show you around, if you like. Maybe even to my place-"

"I think we can handle our way around just fine." Adalene cut him off, her voice sickenly sweet. A polite smile crossed her face, but there was sharp glint in her eyes, a snake waiting in the garden. She reached into her coat pocket, pulling out a folded map of the city, the original reason she'd left her partner. She waved it around, as if to emphasise her point. "After all, we have a map, and I don't think your mother's basement would be the ideal tourist location." She winked. The funny thing was, from what her powers could tell her, he really did live in his mother's basement. How perfect. The man flushed, gaping at her a moment, resembling a fish. Then, his face contorted in anger. "Listen here, bitch-" "Sayonara, monsieur." She cut him off once again in a sing song voice, imitating his poor pronunciation of Japanese, before turning to face the ocean, leaning up against the fence, clearly done with the conversation.

The man stayed there for a moment, unsure of what to do. Still, they weren't the only people on the pier, and Adalene was sure people would be glad to help the two sweet, innocent tourists if this man began to cause trouble. Surely. After a moment, she supposed he realized the same thing, and sulked off, mumbling every insult he could think up under his breath, dejected. How pathetic.

After a few beats of silence, she handed the map to Arianne, not bothering to make eye contact. "Here." They'd have to wait here until nightfall, but the sun was already making it's way down the sky, turning the horizon a pale pink and the scattered clouds a deep blue. Adalene figured it wouldn't be much longer.



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Beside the Sea [Mission]
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