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 Thomas' Journal- Day 1

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Thomas' Journal- Day 1 Empty
PostSubject: Thomas' Journal- Day 1   Thomas' Journal- Day 1 EmptyFri Oct 25, 2013 5:31 am

Hey Journal,

I'm going to be writing in you a lot, so be prepared to get worn out very quickly. My therapist told me that doing this would help me. She said to write a page about everyone I meet. What we went through that day, and how it made me feel. That way, I can always recall the emotions I felt at anytime. I for one don't think that's a wise choice. Emotions were never associated with good in my life, they have always brought me pain. Even the ones like love and happiness have somehow found a way to make me regret feeling at all. It makes me hate myself for being so weak. Hate my power. That is why my mother fears me. My father despises me. So much money going into therapy sessions and no change. I don't blame them for sending me away.

But why here? They know what I'm capable of. They know that sending me here is like setting up a time bomb. All of these people with all of these abilities. I have to try and stay away from them. I understand that I need to learn to control this, but there has to be another way. Until then, I'll just keep my head low and mind my own business. I have to go take some sort of test soon. Hopefully that'll take my mind off things.

Until we meet again Journal
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Thomas' Journal- Day 1
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