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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Inferno Planning Thread

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Inferno Planning Thread Empty
PostSubject: Inferno Planning Thread   Inferno Planning Thread EmptyFri Jun 08, 2018 7:49 pm

1. Lead-up threads.
2. Attack on Patterson Manor <<< YOU ARE HERE
3. Fortune-teller genocide.
4. Final battle at Beata Academy.
5. Montare impregnates every woman on the site.

THE MASTER PLAN - https://beataacademy.forumotion.com/t4577-inferno-plot
Beata is retaliating against Agrona's forces by attacking the Patterson family mansion, a key stronghold.

The students, Guardians, and furry allies sent to destroy the place are met with resistance by the garrison there.

Unknown to Beata, Agrona herself is there. Through her loyal collection of seers (Elodie, Alicia, Lain, etc.), she foresaw the attack and prepared accordingly.

Long story short, many of the Beata kids involved end up KIA or captured. The rest escape home.

Agrona eats a few of the kids from her list, absorbing their powers. Extracts DNA samples from others. THIS IS WHERE THE TUBESHITS ORIGINATE.

Through some creative solution I'm sure somebody else will come up with, the surviving kids are able to escape from the mansion and return.

Anybody can hop into this at any point. We're encouraging shitposts atm.

If you're the parent of a tube baby, this is the moment, so if you're interested then please participate.


Get into a fight with somebody. Need somebody to fight? Kill? Flirt with? This is the place to post. We're the eHarmony of child murder.

If you're not fighting somebody, you should be causing damage to the building. Or doing anything proactive. We believe in you.

If you've set out everything you've set to achieve, feel free to die. Or get captured. If you don't want to die or get captured, when Agrona shows up, that's probably your cue to bail.

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Bottom Pillow

Posts : 3799
Beata Bucks : 7336
Join date : 2013-03-14
Age : 20
Location : Fire's Pants/Seattle, WA

Inferno Planning Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Inferno Planning Thread   Inferno Planning Thread EmptyFri Jun 08, 2018 8:03 pm

Sleppu's Beatans
Jane Grey [OPEN]
The absolute most terrible option for Agrona to eat.

First thing's first. Jane's going to accidentally shoot a fellow student with an arrow. Second, she's going to get captured and eaten by Agrona. If somebody wants to kill her a couple times between step one and two, be my guest. She automatically resurrects so it's basically consequence free.

Poppy Hazelton [OPEN]

Killing her here. Might let Agrona kill her. Idk.

Various Cannon Fodder Guardians [OPEN]

I can put them in to be killed if anyone's looking for that, but otherwise I'm just gonna sit them out (to be killed in the next two major plot threads lol).

Sleppu's Agronans
Kayla Croft [ENGAGED]
Zappy Bitchtits.

Fighting Brailynn, who's gonna kick her ass. Then she's gonna commit fratricide and have her sister stolen away. It's not gonna be a good night for her.

Adam Patterson [OPEN]
Patriarch of the Patterson clan. You're blowing up his house.

Plan is for him to die here. He's a powerful fire manipulator so be warned.

Ryan Patterson [ENGAGED]
Heir to the house you're blowing up.

Fighting Pres over their boy-crush. Will lose. Whatever happens next depends on who kills his dad, and how they do it.

Faith Hunter [OPEN]
Glorified mansion security. Genetic experimentation by her relative, Agrona, has boosted her abilities to unnatural heights, at the cost of basically all independent thought. Uses red string as a sort of "spiderweb" to project her gift of shadow manipulation over large areas.

Plan is for her to die here too. Rn she's just needling at random people from afar. She can't walk on her own, she's just in the attic wrapped in a bunch of red spool.

Various AFs [OPEN]
Same deal as my Guardians. If people need 'em, they're here.

If you need to be killed
Jillian Snow (explosive touch)
Elin Naess (light wires)
No-Name (matter absorption)

If you need someone to kill
Elin Naess (light wires)

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Inferno Planning Thread
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