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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Roo's Fantasies

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Thunk. Thunk. Thunk.

The heavy thuds of the knocker against the wooden door cut through the low growls of the whipping winter winds at the house on the outskirts of what was once Rosebury. It was dark enough that nothing outside was alive, all retreated into homes or burrows, but in this biting cold, a hooded figure waited in the dimly lit entrance way with precious cargo.

With great caution, Joseph pried the weather-worn door open, iron hinges creaking, reminding him that he should oil it before the worst of the cold welded it into one piece. His left hand clutched the handle of his bat for protection, not a gun, never a gun. All these years later, the sight and feel of a gun still brought up bile into his throat and static, white noise took over his head. Casually slinging it in an unspoken threat, he fought against the winds to open up fully to greet this stranger in the night.

"Who are you?" He gruffly asked, voice thick with sleep still despite the cold.

One hand extended from underneath the modified poncho to lift up the fur-lined hood. He tightened his grip, instincts triggered by the sudden movement, but with the fall of hood, all tension fled out of him.

"Jules, no phones where you were at?" Juliette smiled wryly, her eyes betraying the exhaustion that her body refused to ever let her show. She was alive, that was all he could ask for these days. Scolding her wasn't his style, and even if it was, she wouldn't have listened, for all her light-heart flitting, she was just as stubborn as he was. No one in their family was good at backing down once they'd dug their heels in. Family curse.

"You gonna let me in? I'm freezing my butt off," she shivered in an exaggerated manner, only to stop as a soft squeak of protest sounded from within the confines of her poncho. "Hush, it's okay."

Please be a kitten, Joseph prayed, moving aside to let his cousin in, but with each careful movement, he knew that his prayers were in vain. Juliette had all the grace of a bull in a china shop, whatever she carried was important enough that she warranted extra care. Dammit. Fuck. They'd known that something had been going on, but fuck.

Tossing off her poncho, Jules unveiled a baby strapped to her chest. A fat, pink thing with black hair in a messy bunch on her head. At least, he thought it was a girl, she was in pink. Not that pink was a girl's only colour, but Jules wasn't a bleeding heart liberal to defy convention. It was a safe guess. And he was right.

"Joseph, meet your niece, Claire." Juliette proclaimed as she unstrapped the squirming bundle off her chest, she was trying her best to be careful but the neck, the neck!

Joseph raced over, supporting the babe's neck with his hands that were frighteningly huge in comparison to the little girl. And of course, Juliette looked at him smugly, as if he'd just passed some unspoken test.


"How do you feel about being a dad?"


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Roo's Fantasies
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