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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Busy Times Ahead

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PostBusy Times Ahead

yo wat up bitches

So, I'm psuedo-going back to school next month, for the majority of the month, and it'll be leaving me with little time for any personal life. (School 8am-2pm M-F, work 7pm-12am Th-M or more, plus with school extending to 5pm in the latest weeks.) So yeah, I'm already kinda bad at posting now, but it'll be even more of a slow-down in the coming times. :'^)

When I'm not busy wanting to die, I'll be trying to post anyways. If anyone would like to rp with me, please feel free to ask, and I'll be down. Although any new topics or existing ones will most likely be filled with smol posts. Hopefully. I'm basically just asking for patience. pwp

Our friends in Sofia are still going to burn once the topic is ending. If anyone has any idea for parts of the major plots, or have personal plots they'd like to run by me, or try and tie into the main one, please, please PM me! I'd be happy to see what we can fit in because I want this to be a fun time still. uwu (pls no skype i swear i'll either never see it or check and forget. ;;)

If anyone has any admin'y questions, hmu or sleepu. If anyone has any other plot questions, then just PM me that shiznits too, and not Sleepu, because he's lame.

Thank you. ♥️
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Busy Times Ahead

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