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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Some Easter Events

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PostSubject: Some Easter Events   Some Easter Events EmptySun Apr 09, 2017 9:37 am

So, with Easter approaching, I was wondering whether Beata would have any event planned for this holiday. If not, might I make some suggestions that could hopefully end up used this year or next one, if anything is planned for this year:

Eggs Hunt:

The participating students are divided in groups of three/four. Eggs are scattered around the campus, 10 in the classrooms, 10 in the courtyard, 10 in the great hall and 10 in the forest. Teams use the dice to try and get as many eggs as possible from each location. A count is daily updated so that peope can follow how many eggs have been taken from each location, as well as how many eggs each team and each student has collected. The teams make threads in which they look for the eggs AND at the end of each hunt, that shoudn't be longer than two pages, for fairness, the teams adds a tag at the back of the threads tittle (ex. "[Finished ~ 2 eggs obtained]"). You get an egg by rolling a number ranging from 7-10 on a 10-sided dice.

At the end of the event, the prizes are:

Most Eggs (Teams): 50 BB each
Second Most Eggs (Teams): 25 BB each

Most Eggs (Student): 25 BB + limited eddition fluffy bunny plushie
Second Most Eggs (Student): limited eddition fluffy bunny plushies


After the egg hunt event ends, at the edge of te forest the staff of Beata set up white tents and picnic tables for students. The children are encouraged to bring their own dishes for others to try, even if the staff can provide most of the food as well. The event lasts from morning to midnight, and students are scheduled to play a song, sing or talk about a subject in front of others as the day passes. As the night falls, a projector is set up in order for the students to watch a movie.

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Some Easter Events
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