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 Britain Keeps Sh*tting On Us Endlessly (open)

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Britain Keeps Sh*tting On Us Endlessly (open) Empty
PostSubject: Britain Keeps Sh*tting On Us Endlessly (open)   Britain Keeps Sh*tting On Us Endlessly (open) EmptySun Apr 09, 2017 8:30 am

Anne-Marie stepped out of her parents' rented car, pressing her lips together nervously as her mother planted loving kisses on her pale cheeks, making her flush in embarassment, while her father, with a sunny look on his face, took out her pink luggage, to which was tied a large, fluffy teddy bear, which they had insisted she would take so she wouldn't miss home so much. Honestly the twelve year-old thought that they should give her a break with all of their rules and restrictions, after all, she was turning thirteen this summer, but they refused promptly.

"Remember to wear your jacket if it's cold outside, and your raincoat if it's raining. Don't go out in the city alone, try to make some friends, but don't eat too many sweets. Study hard, you don't want to get left out of the honor roll."

"Mom there is no honor roll at Beata." she replied with an exasperate groan, trying to wrestle free of her mother's desperate hugs, covering her face when she saw the weeping face of her father. Her parents loved her, but nonetheless managed to embarass her all the time.

"Don't forget your bed-time is at ten o'clock, no phone before bedtime. You wake up at eight in the morning and calls us, alright sweetheart? Oh, Michael, our little girl is going to an acxademy for the gifted!" her mother continued, and both parents dove for another wolfish hug on their little girl before letting go. Her mother fiddled with the edge of her glasses as she waved behin Anne-Marie, who trailed her luggage away towards the gates, waving meekly back until she heard the doors of the car slam shut and the car driving off. They would be leaving the next day, taking the plane back to London, but they would surely notice if she hadn't called, even while rushing to get everything in time for their departure.

The girl held firmly to her luggage mas if she was afraid of thieves in the middle of the day, in a top academy controlled by people with super powers. She wondered what her friends at home would think happened to her. Herfather said she shouldn't tell anyone, but she ended up only telling her best friends. They understood, but well, they were shocked as well, and even urged her to deny the invitation and stay home. Anne-Marie had made it clear that she doubted it was just an invitation. Now she felt quite lonely, but she knew very well where to go. Mom had her recite the whole plan, where she should go to get checked in, where her room was, who her teachers were, all the way here. With a quiet sigh, the tween strode forward. "Don't worry, Comet, we'll be in our room in no time." she whispered over her back to the large teddy bearm gazing confidently in it's pearly eyes before walking through the whole, large garden at the entrance.

Anne-Marie wondered how strange she looked, granted that most of the people at this school were teenagers. She didn't midn them being older, no, but she was nervous about how they would act. She remembered walking home from school with her best friends and seeing crowds of older boys and girls drinking from bottles that seemed to resemble the ones dad occasionally drank, smoke and spread out a chocking smell and smooch violently, or shout at eachtoher over the street, or even fight and emerge with bloody noses. She feared she was going to be all alone at Beata if she denied those things. Something else she feared was not being able to blend in with her gift. Anne-Marie imagined that all the teens had powers like controlling fire, running very fast and in general, things to help with fighting. She could only scratch people and heal her own scratches.

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Britain Keeps Sh*tting On Us Endlessly (open)
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