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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Shadows can be Comforting [Closed]

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Shadows can be Comforting [Closed] Empty
PostSubject: Shadows can be Comforting [Closed]   Shadows can be Comforting [Closed] EmptyMon Mar 13, 2017 7:36 pm

It was dusk across the beata campus. Most students were inside at this time of night, probably catching up on homework for the day or doing other things. While this time of night was prime for a certain student. Dorian was strolling around the campus, enjoying the peace and quiet the time brought. Even with the lack of light, Dorian could see perfectly fine. He had been at the school for a while so even if he couldn't see he knew every corner of the school.

Dorian paused at the entrance of the school, letting out a pleasant sigh. His hands in his pockets as his amber gaze looked out at the road that lead to the school. It only felt like yesterday that he was coming down that road. Now he had been here for a good while and greeted new students regularly. He looked down the road once more, seeing something or someone in the distance. Who or what would be coming down the road at this time?

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Shadows can be Comforting [Closed] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadows can be Comforting [Closed]   Shadows can be Comforting [Closed] EmptyWed Mar 22, 2017 6:52 pm

Joseph had gone off as soon as the school was in sight, heading off to see someone. She didn't blame him, actually feeling mildly relieved to be alone now without the mental burden of worrying about upsetting Joseph further. The journey here had been arduous, constant fear preventing her from relaxing for even a second despite the presence of School Staff. They had been at Rosebury when they'd been kidnapped, somewhere that should have been save for all intents and purposes. There was no safe place but within the school grounds where she wasn't alone. But that didn't stop her from lingering outside, just beyond sight as she hesitated to put everything behind her.

She felt terrified and sickly, nothing in had been resolved. Her brother could be dead, or perhaps he was still alive. She didn't know what felt worse to think about.

Clutching the hem of her threadbare clothes that she'd gotten from the hunters, she walked along the iron fence, stroking the poles as she walked on towards the gate. The Hawaiian print shirt caught on the fence every now and then, but she powered on, letting the hem fray as it ripped in tiny bits. The garnish green skirt was already torn at the knee, having once been something floor length. It all together made her look like a homeless person anyway, it didn't matter. Nothing really mattered in the end.

A chuckle escaped her.

How cynical she had become at seventeen... No, eighteen. This wasn't how she imagined how adulthood would be like, she was old enough to graduate now, but so broken...

"Ah... Ugh." Choking noises gasped out of her as she fell to the ground just outside the school, not noticing Dorian. Half-sobbing, half-chuckling, she leant against the school fence as she sank to the ground to gaze up. The stars, they looked so at peace. Perhaps the cruelest fate of all was to be human, it would have been nice to just be nothing.


Shadows can be Comforting [Closed] Giphy
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Shadows can be Comforting [Closed]
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