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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 So this is it? [Open]

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So this is it? [Open] Empty
PostSubject: So this is it? [Open]   So this is it? [Open] EmptyFri Jan 13, 2017 12:32 am

Midna stepped into the grounds of Beata. Her long black hair whipped around her in the frigid gales of Winter and she pulled her dark navy blue scarf tighter around herself. The fourteen year old girl's stormy blue eyes glinted with delight as she gazed at her new home. Was this really it? She'd of thought it bigger, but the school's financial issues weren't her problem. And to be fair it, all that mattered to the dark haired girl was that is supplied some form of fun oh, and the beds were comfy.

With a sigh, Midna briskly walked towards the huge double doors of the school. She was glad she was here, it'd be something new and exciting. That sort of stuff appealed to her, along with most dark coloured things. Midna wasn't an emo or anything and she wasn't particularly dark or bad minded. She wouldn't consider herself not evil though, she had rather enjoyed watching her cat yowl in terror as she toyed her around with her gift. Her gift, umbral magic, did not make her look any less evil, in fact it probably added to it. Maybe she should keep a list or chart of her evil doings, it might come in handy one day.

Midna was just about to push the doors open, when it occurred to her that she may be forgetting something. In a sudden rush of panic, the pale girl began to delve into the contents of her shoulder bag. As her hands clutched on the admission papers, she let out a huge sigh of relief. She had everything she needed, well she thought she did until she realised her phone was possibly missing. Midna, in another panic stricken frenzy, began to rummage about for her phone. Before realising it was in her pocket and everything was definitely fine. The embarrassment of her unorganised self made her cheeks flush rose pink and she quickly walked away from the double doors.

Her first impression was most definitely not going to be her waltzing in flushing the colour of roses. That was more than likely on her top ten list of how not to start a new school. Midna prayed silently no one was watching her. She had made a huge scene and she was also pretty certain that this may be a sign of what was to come. That was another thing she was praying wouldn't happen.

So this is it? [Open] Images22

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So this is it? [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: So this is it? [Open]   So this is it? [Open] EmptySat Feb 18, 2017 5:57 pm

Sarika was definitely not running around the entrance of the school, chasing her cat that totally wasn't made up of her magic. Nope. Not at all. Yes I am. Okay, she was. Nothing would have mattered though, except there was a patch of ice or something that she skidded on and fell on her butt.

Shadow ran back towards Sarika, licking her face as if asking Sari if she was okay. In response, she sent the thought I'm fine, don't worry to Shadow, and her cat was happy with the answer. Sarika pushed herself up off the patch of ice and stood up shakily when she noticed a new girl standing a few feet from the double doors.

Picking Shadow up and holding her securely in her arms, Sarika walked over towards the new student and, trying her best to put a smile on her face, said "Hiya! Are you new? I don't believe we've met...anyways, I'm Sarika, and it's very nice to meet you!"

Well, I hope I wasn't in her face too much, but I still like helping students out around the campus...
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So this is it? [Open]
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