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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Alyss in Beata Land

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PostSubject: Alyss in Beata Land   Alyss in Beata Land EmptyThu Jan 12, 2017 8:53 am

A tall brunette teenaged girl in a slate gray trench coat - which covered a white sleeveless vest, itself worn over a navy tank top - and black leggings punctuated by matching leather combat boots made her way through the gates of the school on foot. A large black bag slung over her left shoulder, a cigarette in her right hand, she was alternating her gaze between the school itself and a paper on which directions were vaguely scribbled which she held in her available left hand. Once apparently satisfied with the school grounds, she crumpled the paper and threw it in the nearest bin. Her now available hand then ran to the pendant around her neck which depicted a star hanging between the edges of a crescent moon; her stoic expression left little hints of it but she was, indeed, nervous. The gentle winter breeze that blew past her and pushed her long black hair out of her eyes caused her to reveal her nervous state ever so slightly by nipping at her own lower lip for a brief moment.

"Beata Academy... huh. Fits the brochure." She eventually spoke aloud to herself, as though reassuring herself with the sound of her own voice. It was silly, sure, but it was an easy and convenient way to go about it which suited her much more than curling up into a corner and hyperventilating ever would. Taking a small pause, her gaze focused on the fountain in the middle of the school entrance. It must've looked lovely on fairer seasons. The thought of what the school would look like over the years brought her to muse about her years spent in Canada. She wouldn't miss her old school or her parents all that much, but it was nonetheless a fact that trying to join a student body halfway through the year would be a weird exercise. For a brief moment, she even went so far as to second guess herself. Maybe she could've waited until next year to come. Oh well, she was here now, no sense in hesitating at this point. 

A large black dog followed Alyss and sat beside her, its expression good as neutral... not that dogs were all that expressive to begin with in her opinion. This large mammal was a manifestation of her gift, and within it were most of the belongings which hadn't fit into her duffel bag. Functionally, it could be boiled down to a self-carrying suitcase. Such a casual use of her abilities. Had the colors and textures of their hairs not matched, most would be none the wiser that the dog was - in fact - a semi-sentient golem made of her hair. It's hollow eyes looked forward without any indication of inflection.

"Guess... I should find the dorms next, right?" she thought, no longer feeling the need to voice her thoughts aloud, as she took a long drag of her cigarette before flicking it back through the gate. She wasn't sure what the campus policies were and there was no point in getting into trouble on her first day. A cloud of cancerous smog exhaled through her rosey lips as though aching to lash at the cold environing air and she began to venture through the entrance haphazardly, big black 'suitcase'-dog hybrid in tow.

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Alyss in Beata Land
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