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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Consequences [end of pill plot]

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Consequences [end of pill plot] Empty
PostSubject: Consequences [end of pill plot]   Consequences [end of pill plot] EmptyMon Oct 24, 2016 2:02 am

It'd been days since the attack on the campus, and days since he'd gotten a single wink of sleep. The headmaster wouldn't have been able to rest even if he'd wanted to. Days of repairing what damages were left behind. Days of sending dead children home to their parents. Days of nothing but constant grief from everywhere he turned. They'd barely managed to drive back what forces were sent to them. He'd lost guardians, teachers, colleges, and friends. How could he rest when everything he'd built around him and cared for was in complete ruins?

The thought of the return her forces had kept him constantly on his toes. What small number of defenders they had had been greatly reduced in such a short amount of time. Beata was completely vulnerable. In response, he'd spent hours looking for old friends or acquaintances to pull in, a mostly vein effort. He had strongly considered turning to Sofia, although he knew their answer before he would even ask. They were hardly in a better position than the American school itself.

Out of this mess, one thing had become clear above all else, he couldn't keep his students in the dark any longer. He had wanted nothing more for them to live their lives are normally as they could, if such a thing were even possible, but it was clear that so long as Argona's Forces roamed the world, that would never come to be.

He'd gathered those who could stand into the Grand Hall for an assembly, the light pouring in bright and strangely pleasant, contrasting the rigid atmosphere in the room. His face was pale and weary, dark circles clear under his eyes, and yet he stood tall - with what little pride left he could manage. If the Headmaster himself couldn't bring himself to stand for the school, what else did they have?

What Guardians and Teachers that remained alive and able watched on from behind him. All those in the infirmary, his words would certainly be passed on to them in time.

In truth, he hadn't a solid idea of what he wanted to say. What words could be said at a time like this?

"Beata," Nathaniel called out, shutting his golden eyes and waving a hand, calling for silence in the room. "I'm sorry. I've failed you." It was only with his gift that he was able to quell that lump in his throat from steering his words, to keep himself composed just long enough to get his message across.

He paused, taking a deep breath. "As you all know, several of your fellow students had recently gone crazed, attacking the school and everyone around them. I'm here to say that this was no fault of theirs, but of manipulation outside of our control." The few that had survived and awakened had said as much. They had lost any control of their gift and had no recollections of anything that had happened. "They were used as weapons.

"I have not been honest with you all. You may have heard rumors of people being attacks whilst sent out on missions or chance run-ins by those who wear nothing but black. These accounts are all true." Nate stopped again, wincing, loathing every word he spoke. "There are those out there who would seek to harm us. They're a terrorist organization of gifted who wished to have every one of our kind under their control. They are ruthless and dangerous." And nothing was too low for them, it had seemed.

He hated to scare these children and he was forced to remind himself, yet again, that there was no other choice. The headmaster folded his hands behind his back, stepping thoughtfully across the stage. "While we mourn those who were lost," he cast a sharp look into the back of the crowd, where some of the elders teachers once stood. Misty. Leroy. Ava. Wray. "We cannot afford to lose ourselves now."

Those teachers that were gone now were practically irreplaceable. It was difficult enough to find someone suited for the job, to come out to the middle of nowhere to tutor at a private school, but to find someone who was gifted on top of it to fit the description? Nathaniel had little choice but to make do with what he had. "Starting next week, classes will begin again as usual for the majority of students. Our curriculum will be passed on to those capable among us." He put on the most reassuring smile that he could, stepping aside and waving to three seats in the front.

"Jonathan Kent will be taking Ms. Harris' place of our physical education coach and assist Mr. Parker in our defensive classes." The young man had much potential he knew, and the Headmaster had offered him a hefty sum in order for his assistance. He was never a Guardian, but he was a resident of the town, former student, and one of the best trained men in the area - according to Bear's trusting testimony.

He stepped back to reveal the next face. "Ethan Riley will be given teaching of our science courses, in place of Professor Zygov." The young man who had not only saved his life, but was one of the brightest minds in the school. From his wife, he knew personally how dependable the healer could be, and from Leroy - he knew very well that Mr. Riley had known the material; the student and teacher had been close.

And finally, sitting along the end of the line, his own son rested among the ranks - listening quietly and staring off into the crowd of students below. "Jason Wright will be our new instructor of the arts, taking off where Ms. Breton had left off." Admittedly, his reasons for bringing his child home from Sofia had been entirely selfish. Having been so close to losing his daughter and his own wife's distraught, he couldn't bare to be away from his family any longer. The blonde was a skilled musician and decent artists, and the school had enough talent to work out the subjective subject out amongst itself, for now at least.

There was only one thing left to settle.

"I just hope you're not trying to turn these kids into soldiers. We can't fight a war against her." Lynn's words echoed in his thoughts. He knew war was an impossible feat, but he couldn't leave these kids defenseless. What would she have him do? For days, Nate had yearned to ask her, if she hadn't become a victim herself.

"From this moment on, gift mastery and defense training will be given far greater priority." The Headmaster called out, his gaze stern. "Every student must be considered proficient with a weapon of choice and be able to pass a self-defense exam. School drills will become a regular occurrence and curfews practically enforced." The more he spoke on, the more he realized, with little humor, exactly how militaristic he was sounding.

Nathaniel held back a small sigh. "I know the world seems scary and uncertain for now, but I assure you, this remains the safest possible place for you all." It was a cold truth, especially having faced what they all did. "Out there, I can guarantee you no chance of safety if they find you. And they can easily find you."

There was so much left to be done. Nate swayed where he stood in mere exhaustion. In truth, he had wondered frequently for a time now why he hadn't died by Spion's that day years ago, if this was all useless or for naught, if he even deserved to live. perhaps, if he'd stopped this dream of his, none of this tragedy would have occurred. How many would still be alive?

The Headmaster took another step back. "You are all excused," he dismissed the room with a wave of his hand. "Any of those with questions may see me later in my office." If by God's grace he had the time, that was.
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Consequences [end of pill plot]
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