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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Ainsworth, Callum

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PostSubject: Ainsworth, Callum   Ainsworth, Callum EmptySun Jun 19, 2016 1:41 am

General Information File

Ainsworth, Callum JA6MHT8

Name: Callum Ainsworth

D.O.B.: ???

Height: 5'1" | 154.9 cm

Weight: 90 lb | 40.8 kg

Natural hair color: Green

Eye color: Green

Mailing Address: ???

Telephone Number: +4291384024

Social Security No.: 0123456789

Family Average Yearly Income: $7,550,000

Spouse's Name: None

Immediate Family Members: ???

Occupation: Sofia Academy Student | Argona's Force

Brief Description of Gifts: Aerokinesis - User can create, shape and manipulate air, the common name given to the layer of atmospheric gases and various compounds (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity, and wind, movement of air relative to the surface of the planet. It is an important factor in determining and controlling climate and weather, and the generating force of most ocean and freshwater waves. Wind occurs because of horizontal and vertical differences in atmospheric pressure, and include breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, zephyrs, gales, tempests, and hurricanes.

Since air cannot be seen by conventional methods, neither can the attacks and derivatives formed by/from it, making it an invisible and versatile weapon that is very difficult to block and dodge.

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PostSubject: Re: Ainsworth, Callum   Ainsworth, Callum EmptyMon Jun 20, 2016 9:05 pm


Congratulations and welcome to Beata.

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Ainsworth, Callum
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