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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Ghost in the Mirror [site event]

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost in the Mirror [site event]   Ghost in the Mirror [site event] - Page 3 EmptyWed Nov 04, 2015 3:15 pm

"All right." He would have said more, possibly cracking a quick joke, but Jane was already past him. Logan's smile faded for a brief moment, and he gave one last look back at the mirror, the crack he left a shiny bludgeon from a distance. And like a decoy, it returned, and he rushed to follow her out.

They only had the box's burden for a minute, as Logan went through a door at the end of the hall. The office destination was a brown interior, wooden and especially outdated. It looked like a scene from the seventies, and the old boulder of a computer didn't make it any better. Lucky for the boy, nobody was there, and so he plopped the box on the nearest desk and walked out, to the girl that was waiting.

"Now what?" He kept his eyes on her, almost as if he did not want to miss her. She was fast, in speech and manner, after all.

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost in the Mirror [site event]   Ghost in the Mirror [site event] - Page 3 EmptyThu Nov 05, 2015 3:20 pm

She never looked back. The doors closed behind them with a slam, and Jane fell into stride beside Logan, following his lead toward the infirmary. It was a short walk, but the time spent inside her own thoughts made it seem like an eternity until they'd finally reached the office. Jane stopped in her tracks as Logan slipped inside the door, staring vacantly down the hall, and greeted him with a smile once he came back out.

With his delivery dropped off, it felt like the whole experience was behind them.

No, she couldn't just put it out of her mind. He probably couldn't either. But that didn't stop them from distracting themselves.

"How does a smoke sound?" They could both go for a drink too, or maybe some of the heavier stuff. She still had a few leftovers from her old get-together.

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PostSubject: Re: Ghost in the Mirror [site event]   Ghost in the Mirror [site event] - Page 3 EmptySat Nov 14, 2015 8:32 pm

Jake and Louis walked into the grand hall. Jake grabbed $50 and Louis grabbed $10 out of their pockets. bucks and handed it to the old lady. The friends gave each other a "good luck" nod and Jake was the first up to talk to his ghost.

Jake, standing in front of a mirror waited to see who would appear. After a couple moment of nervous anticipation, a blurry figure started to form. Soon, a vivid image of his mother was in front of him. Before the boy could get any words out, tears dripped down his face.

"My son, why do you shed tears?"

Jake whipped them away. Why do I shed them? Why? "Because I killed you." A sudden flashback of his childhood, flowed through his mind. His dad, a literal mad scientist, experimenting on his son. His mother, a caring woman wanting to protect him. He couldn't take anymore pain, suffering. He had a plan. Kill dad. It would have worked perfectly too, if his mother had stayed home.

"I would have died someday. Please don't be sad, I will always love you."

"Ya! Wouldn't have died like that! That bastard got the best of me, I took my anger out on him, he should have died! Not you!" The deep voiced student yelled, letting the tears out. After his Mother's death, Jake managed to escape his Father's lab and for the longest time, lived on the streets. After that, the only life he knew was smoking, sex, parties, and drinking. Until he heard about Beata.

"Stay strong Jake. Don't give in to guilt and shame." His beautiful mother started to fade.

"But, how can you forgive me so easily!" He didn't want his mother to leave yet. How can she be so loving and calm?

"Your'e my son. How can I not forgive you?" She smiled. "Till we meet again." And soon, the figure was gone.

Jake didn't want to show his tears, cause it wasn't very manly, but he decided he didn't care. He walked away from the mirror, and past Louis, tears till clung onto him. He walked out of the Grand Hall, hands in his pockets, in silence. He walked past Jane and another boy, not saying a word. The tall student walked down the path, thinking about what just happened.

ooc-gonna post Louis in my next post.

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Ghost in the Mirror [site event]
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