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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 A Short Guide to Powers

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A Short Guide to Powers Empty
PostSubject: A Short Guide to Powers   A Short Guide to Powers EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 12:58 am

So, you've just found out that you've received an invitation to the prestigious Beata Academy, an elite school created specifically for the education and care of supernaturally gifted individuals!

Yes, you! Or - well - your character, has something specifically special about them; a gift, a talent that separates them from most others.
But what is it about gifts in this world? Where do they come from? How do they work?
And, most importantly, how do you pick one?

  • Gifts are Genetic
    Like the color of your hair, it passes down from mother and father to their children.
    Some gifts are stronger than others, and can pass down a line continuously from parent to child.
    Others are more recessive, and can skip several generations at once before another person is born with the gift again.
    An ungifted person can still carry the power, but they simply might not be able to use it.
    If two people with a gifted gene get together, they can - and sometimes will - mix and create something new.
    e.g. a person with control over the wind and another over water have a child with control over ice.

  • Their Origin Isn't Known
    Nobody is exactly sure where they came from or how humanity came to take these gifts for themselves, but there are a few theories.
    The most popular theory is that it was discovered when humans wandered into another dimensions. Known to few, there are several portals and tears around the earth that lead into an entirely new world. When and how exactly this could've happen still remains a mystery.
    It is widely believed though that all gifts are descended from the four main elements (water, earth, fire, and air). After centuries of mixing,

  • Some Gifts Are Rarer Than Others
    The four elements are considered the most rare of all gifts. In order to receive an elemental gift, either two things must happen.
    1. A gifted person must have a child with someone who carries no gifted gene at all or
    2. Two people with the same gift get together and have a child.
    If elements mix, they will either create a sub-element (ice, light, etc.) or make something completely new.
    From then on, most normal gifts are far more forgiving. They sometimes will mix to make new gifts,
    pass on with no problems - no matter who the parents are - or the like.

If you need ideas for gifts or anything beyond that, you can pm a staff member for help or ideas!
This is also a really good resource!

Welcome to Beata Academy!
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A Short Guide to Powers
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