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 "Just Keeping Track of Stuff" (Ken's Journal)

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"Just Keeping Track of Stuff" (Ken's Journal) Empty
PostSubject: "Just Keeping Track of Stuff" (Ken's Journal)   "Just Keeping Track of Stuff" (Ken's Journal) EmptyMon May 19, 2014 5:15 pm

Gift Height Log
Explanation of Gift
My gift is the ability to change from human to creature and back again. What creature? Well, let's just say...Cerberus. He's a three-headed dog with huge, sharp fangs and many sharp teeth. He can get huge and has this long, scaly tail like a snake as well as large claws and big paws(no rhyme intended). Not that anyone is reading this, but you never really know if someone got their hands on my little book here ;)
Oh and if you do, please return it to me. Signed, Ken Noboru.
Depending on how fit, strong, fast, and skilled I can keep myself, as well as keeping myself really focused, helps a great deal in how I transform. Yes, that relates to my other form's height, power, aggressiveness, etc. Yes, I said aggressiveness. According to my dad, this ability can get out of hand if I'm not careful. Nothing like that has ever happened, however, so I think my old man is just messing with me. I'm not stupid though; I'll keep the warning in mind.
Anyways...when I change form, my clothes disappear temporarily--They come back when I change back to human-form. Don't worry...No one can see my transformation actually happen. This weird black aura stuff coats me and sloshes around so you can't even get a glimpse of me naked even if you wanted to, heh. Besides, the fur on my "Cerberus" form grows surprisingly fast when I change. Probably since it's just hair and not actual limbs, muscle, or any of that stuff. Oh and a weird thing about how the clothes disappear...Anything close to transparent such as glasses or any sort of glass on objects doesn't disappear unless it's attached to clothing. So, whenever I change, I have to remember to hang my glasses on the collar of my shirt or in my pocket or something. I've had to buy so many new pairs of glasses because of this little issue. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Also, I probably shouldn't mention this in case an enemy of some sort reads this, but I might as well remind myself this way...My other form hates mirrors for some reason. No idea why. That's all I'll say on that matter.

Also, why do I keep changing pen colors? Don't know.

Form 1 - A puppy I guess:
Form 2 - Normal form:
Form 3 - I've only seen my dad do this:

"Just Keeping Track of Stuff" (Ken's Journal) 2q2g0hs
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"Just Keeping Track of Stuff" (Ken's Journal)
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