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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Once Upon A Dream

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PostSubject: Once Upon A Dream   Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:58 pm

The sharp sound of heels clicked on the tile floor. Only one person could be seen walking down the dark hallway to the Infirmary, nearly everyone else either at the dance or in their dorm. The person moved at a casual pace, and nothing seemed to be wrong with them. Still, what could someone possibly be doing on their way to the nurse's office, dressed so formal? Shouldn't they be at the dance?
As it turns out, Kimberly Huffman had a fairly good reason to be out tonight. She didn't find enjoyment in the formal if she was going to be all alone anyway. She was fairly certain Evelyn wasn't going to be there anyway, so she truly would be alone. She didn't peg her friend to be the dance type anyway.
It didn't matter. She was used to being alone.
Tonight, however, she didn't wish to be alone. Instead, she was seeking out someone to spend her time with. Even if that person happened to be a complete vegetable at the moment.
Whenever she reached the Infirmary, she paused at the door. Perhaps she was being stupid. She was all dressed up for a dance, after all. With her heels, dress, hair and makeup, there was no doubt she had dolled herself up to her best ability. Would Nurse Delangelo judge her? Probably not, as she knew about the dance going on. It wouldn't be that out of place for Kimply to be dressed up. She pushed the door open and called out for the nurse as she stepped inside.

The room was empty, so her voice echoed against the walls. After a moment, she heard a chair squeak and a familiar blonde head turned the corner. "Kimply? Are you okay? What are you doing here all dressed up?" The blonde narrowed her crimson eyes in confusion, studying the girl for any problem.
Kimply rubbed her hands together nervously, meeting the older woman's eyes. "Is Nate awake? I... I want to see him." She told the nurse, who automatically understood what she meant. She nodded and gestured for Kimply to follower her, leading the pink haired teen to the cots.



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PostSubject: Re: Once Upon A Dream   Fri Feb 21, 2014 7:39 pm

Nathaniel quietly rose his head from the book he had been reading, of fantasy genre and a long time favorite of his. In the quiet of the infirmary, it was easy to hear any and all sounds in the area - especially when the heart of the commotion tonight was on the complete other side of the campus. What luck would have it, he had finally graduated to a wheel chair, which was good news for him. With each passing day, he was more and more determined take care of himself. To say that being stuck in a cot for months being frustrating as an understatement. He wanted to get up and walk around the school again, show his boys he was alright, and repay Melody for the long days of help.

He glanced across the room, to the young man sleeping quietly in his own bed. With a sign, Nate closed the book in his lap. He wasn't sure how it'd be easy to explain this to the young Miss Huffman, but he insisted that he would be the one to do it. There were no words gentle enough the Headmaster was afraid. His golden gaze flickered back to the door when he saw his beautiful wife walk in, a young winter with pink hair at her side. "Kimply." The man smiled weakly, "Shouldn't you be at the dance?" The auburn shook his head and gestured her to a empty seat by Ethan's bed, inviting her in.
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Once Upon A Dream
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