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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 A White Birthday

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PostSubject: A White Birthday   Sat Dec 07, 2013 8:37 pm

It was snowing in Rosebury.

Evelyn held out her hand and watched as fat snowflakes gently drifted down and melted on her skin. It tickled. She giggled softly to herself and looked up at the sky with childish excitement and wonderment, hoping that the snow would stick. I think I'll make a snowman... Maybe it was immature of her, but she felt as if she had to do something. She couldn't very well waste the day brooding inside. Who knew when it might snow again?

Besides, it was her fifteenth birthday today. Nobody else knew of course―it wasn't as if the girl had any friends―but maybe it was better off that way. Evelyn didn't care for presents, and cared even less for parties. She would sooner have the day to herself, enjoying the snowfall and the scenic beauty of Beata Academy, as terrible as the school itself was. Better than some awkward affair in the Lounge, with all the attention on her.

The girl had bought herself a red balloon in town and had the ribbon tied around her wrist. It bounced with each step, as if trying to wrest itself free. Evelyn nestled deeper into her jacket and stuffed her hands in her pocket as she continued forward, back towards campus. I wonder if my parents will send me a letter or something... The letters had stopped awhile ago, but there had to be one for her birthday, right? It would just be a few days until it got there. She tried to push the incident with Jace out of her mind. They wouldn't forget me...

Evelyn shifted her thoughts to the snowman. I could probably get some carrots from the cafeteria, no problem... I don't have any buttons for eyes, though. Maybe a snow castle would work instead? Yeah, that would be better. It was a lot less labor intensive and would probably attract less attention. She bristled outwardly at the thought of somebody knocking her work to the ground. It wouldn't be the first time. Some kids just had a very cruel definition of "fun."

That was, if it even stuck. Even if it did, it would probably be a few hours before it would pile up enough to get enough snow. Here's hoping... Evelyn stared up at the sky as she continued down the road, not looking where she was going and amusing herself with the snow floating down into her hair, her face, and her open mouth.

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A White Birthday
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