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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 A New Territory [Monut & Ebu]

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PostSubject: A New Territory [Monut & Ebu]   Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:44 pm

"uэто пиздец."

Her life had been nothing but chaos the last few seasons. Her pack, once comfortable in the snowy mountains slopes of what they called Eurasia, had whittled away to few numbers. In the dead of winter, they'd tried to hunt prey far too large and risky for their size, but they'd had no other choice. She'd been injured then, left with a wound in her side, the scars still remaining. She had thought she would die then, food for the vultures until a few wanderers had found her.

She'd fallen asleep to bitter freezing and woke up warm, weakened, and wrapped in a blanket - left in her human form.

It'd surprised her. She hadn't returned to her natural body in years; if only to save energy and help fight the cold nights. It'd made hunting easier. One couldn't yell over the fierce winds quite like they could howl.

The Sofia People, they treated her, tended to her wounds - only feeding her if she retained her human body (she assumed because they were worried she may attack otherwise). By the time the people in Black had attacked the school, she'd been mostly ready to make her get-away and return to the wild, but they had found her hiding in the healing wards then.

The last thing she remembered was a sharp stinging pain in the side of her neck and the flash of a glimmering needle from the corner of her eye. When she awoke, they told her she was on the other side of the world, lucky again to be alive. The new scents had scared her, overwhelmed her, but she caught the faint trace of another wolf on her clothing. A stranger to her, but comforting.

And now, where was she supposed to go? What would she do?

The snow white girl wandered through the forest, admiring the blooming trees and the new skies. It wasn't home, but it was quiet and rang familiar.
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A New Territory [Monut & Ebu]
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