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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 honey pie [open]

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PostSubject: honey pie [open]   Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:27 am

Honey was out in the forest for a little stroll. Her hood was up over her head, through little specks of rain still fell on her face. This was her favourite kind of weather, where no one would come and disturb her. The forest always held a kind of magic for her. Plenty of places to hide, to run around freely without worrying about others seeing her. Her dirty-blonde hair was sticking out of the hood in a few places, her chocolate brown eyes reflecting the raindrops as they fell from the skies. Drip, drop. Drip, drop. This was nice, and calming too.

Suddenly, the sound of a twig snapping nearby sent off a trigger in her mind, and her gift kicked into action. The figure of the girl disappeared into thin air. Well, she didn’t actually disappear. Just become invisible. It was weird, even to her, since when she looked down she couldn’t even see herself. Her breath caught in her throat as she located the source of the sound. It was just a squirrel, foraging for nuts. She exhaled deeply, and flickered back into visibility.

Honey continued her walk as if nothing ever happened, her hands in her pockets and her face turned towards the grey, cloudy sky. This school was full of others like her, with all kinds of gifts, though as far as she knew they were all unique. It helped to ease her worried mind, because it meant that she wasn’t the odd one out anymore. Her breath came out in little puffs, freezing into white clouds as they hit the air. She didn’t mind getting wet, not in the slightest.
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honey pie [open]
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