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 Daddy DayCare (closed?)

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PostSubject: Daddy DayCare (closed?)   Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:04 am

Near the back of the DayCare, Jake sat in a wooden rocking chair, fast asleep. His head was craned awkwardly to the side as it rested on the back of the chair, and a soft snore escaped his opened mouth every few moments. In his lap sat two, three month old twin infants, Ellie and Eli. Both of them had black hair, fair skin, and were very curious about everything, which was expected for babies their age. Seeing that they were fairly new to the world, their individual personalities were still growing, but it was obvious that the two of them were already inseparable.

It was odd, seeing a guy like Jake taking care of two babies, but he didn't really have any other choice other than to abandon them and face Leo's wrath, which he didn't find that to be a very good option. At first, the kids were assumed to be the product of one of Hirem Rylen's thugs from when Maria had gone on that dreadful mission, but after more tests were preformed, the twins were revealed to be his children, which made sense, seeing that they closely resembled the two parents even at such a young age. Of course him and Maria had been shocked at first, and once the nurse had left the room, he got to listen to her yell at him for an hour about his life decisions, though she was also at fault for their little... predicament.

After a little while of solitary thinking, the Autumn decided that he'd accept his fate of having kids at Beata, though that wasn't the case for Maria. Unlike him, who was growing excited at the thought of having little spawns of him running around, she had convinced herself that they were just going to bog her life down. As much as he tried to convince her to change her mind and at least try to accept the children that she was to soon give birth to, Maria stood firm in her beliefs and closed herself off to any possibilities of loving them.

Practically right after birth, the responsibility of parenthood was thrown upon him. Maria, being her stubborn and heartless self refused to breastfeed or even be near them, so Jake had to take matters into his own hands. Even though they were dormmates and they weren't really the best of buds, he'd brought the twins to the other father's aid, praying that the former prefect would accept his desperate plea. Sure enough, the blonde haired student's kindness had shown through and he took Jake and the infants in.

Jake had never in his life thought about caring for children, so adjusting to the life of an teen dad in a highschool daycare had been a stretch for his rough and tough nature, seeing that he hadn't exactly liked being seen around the area, but soon enough, he got into the swing of things. When he was able to stop by before and during the school day, how to manage his homework in between spending time with the twins after school, the whole shabam. Oddly enough, he had to admit that he was begging to enjoy time with his kids. Since they were his, he couldn't help but feel more important than he had been previous years and having something to occupy himself like this was probably the best, though of course that didn't stop him from having some fun every once in a while...

But for now, here he was, tired as hell from being constantly on the go and sleeping on the job. Unfortunately for him, Ellie and Eli had other plans. This was no time for dad to take a nap and they needed to do something about it. Besides, it was close to snack time anyway and the two of them were growing hungrier and hungrier by the second.

Still wobbly and unable to really support her own weight, the twins had been leaning against their dad's rock hard stomach, which for future reference wasn't the comfiest thing to lay on. Grabbing onto dad's grey sweatshirt, Ellie pulled herself up as far as she could and Eli sat where he was, watching in awe as she tried to climb the towering figure of their father. Using all her mighty baby strength, she lifted up her little free hand and grabbed hold of Jake's mouth, hooking it halfway on his teeth. Not phased by the slimy substance that coated his mouth, she used all her force and drew her hand downward, snapping Jake's head forward with it. Letting go, she plopped back down into his lap across from her brother and looked up to the student with wide eyes and a smile on her face. Wake up dad, mission complete.

"What!" he yelled, waking up from his momentary slumber, startled from the sudden force of motion. Body tense, he quickly lifted his head which sent a wave of pain shooting through it from resting on it in a weird way for so long. Still groggy, he let out a groan and rubbed the back of his neck. Had he fallen asleep? What the heck had woken him up?

Wondering what had happened, a wave of momentary panic set through the Autumn when he thought about leaving the babies along, but looking down to his lap, the twins sat where he'd left them with wide smiles on their chubby faces. Raising a brow, he assumed this was their doing and before he was able to say anything, both of them burst out laughing. His neck was still soar and his heart was still racing, but how could he possibly be angry at something like this?

"You little rascals," he chuckled, a smile replacing his frown. Shifting his arms so that they wrapped around the two twins, he pulled them in closer so that they wouldn't topple over from all the laughing. "You guys are gonna be the death of me someday," he huffed hysterically, praying that that wouldn't end up being the case.


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PostSubject: Re: Daddy DayCare (closed?)   Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:32 pm

Another man stepped into the nursery, the noon light that filtered through the blinds illuminated stray blond hairs on his head. Leo watched the father with his children with mute curiosity. He had been like this too, getting used to being a father, the mother out of the question--and being scared. Leo knew that they both were lucky having others to support them and the blond wanted nothing more than to help Jake out too.

Although, if Leo was honest--he was disappointed that despite what happened to Leo, that Jake would follow in his footsteps. That was in the past, and this is now. The reality that they were both faced with was the approaching future and what it held in store for the both of them.

Leo softly smiled as Jake spoke, stepping into the nursery all the way since he was awake. "I'd like to say that feeling goes away, but it doesn't." The blond slid open a drawer under the changing table, filling it with night time diapers. Once the drawer was full, the blond stepped into the closet, placing the extras on the shelf inside for later use. "How are you holding up?" He asked as he stepped out of the closet, closing the door with a quiet click. Leo hadn't seen Jake since he had graduated and had only reconnected once the man showed up at the daycare doors.

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Daddy DayCare (closed?)
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