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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Still as a Statue [PLOT / CLOSED]

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PostSubject: Still as a Statue [PLOT / CLOSED]   Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:16 pm

"Kuningattareni... my lady, she will not be happy about this..."

He sniffed, leaning up against the window pane and staring out into the vast courtyards. Before they arrived, it'd once been bright and sunny, blooming flowers and tittering students sweeping about; enjoying the majestic marble statures and the pleasure of each-others company. Winter had swept away the image. Now, along with there presence, only dead leaves littered the place; dark clouds overcast ahead and leaving chilly raindrops streaking down the windows. The ever-grand halls had turned from a bright and warm to cold and longing.

The dirty blonde took a long drag from his cigarette, blowing the smoke against his reflection. "Since when is she happy about anything?" Even while he smiled nonchalantly, he could sense the dear Nadia stiffening up not a few feet away. Few thought it wise to do anything but since Agrona's praises. She had eyes everywhere after all. He fancied the idea that he was beyond that sort of fear. After being close to her for so long, she'd only come to terrify him in person. Out on his own, there was no need to act as if he were treading minefields. "Are the transports complete?"

"There are close to a hundred still in waiting. We had to move the cages away again for now..."

So be it, he'd thought. How large of a school was Sofia again? More or Less the same size Beata had been. Perhaps smaller. Despite their grandeur, the precious Academia was full of nothing but the children of gifted politicians, clan leaders, rich snobs... commoners were not exactly common place, unless they were playing the role of servant or body guard. He'd done with the excess what he could - shipped them out to one of their far-off experimental labs, incorporated a few into their own ranks, fed a few some their officers on the more gruesome side.

After the incident with the rage pills, whatever their proper name was, Agrona thought it a brilliant idea to keep the school's population under easy control. Take the trouble makers and keep them locked away, insane, and kept under guard and on display - a warning to stay compliant. The only trouble was that more-often-than-not, they found some way to get away and wreak havoc; which only delayed their operations further more. They another treatment which they were giving over to the rest, a dose delivered via syringe to numb the effects of their gifts and render them helpless that he'd thought might counter-act those in the cage, but nobody could get close enough long enough to medicate them regularly. It was a mess.

But it was a mess that was under his control, or supposed to be.

The man grimaced and straightened himself up, moving around the former Headmistress' desk, avoiding the dark red stains long-since seeped into the carpet. "And how long until they're here?"

Nadia brushed her silver hair aside. "Not less than a day. A few hours, perhaps?" It seemed she'd felt the weight of the situation well enough on her own. "Our numbers are smaller, many had spread out for their own assignments and -"

He'd held his hand up. "That'll be enough, Couri. See to it our guests receive the warmest welcome while we finished tidying up." There was a small string of silence. His warm eyes stared her down until she'd finally had the sense to dip her head and disappear from the room.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see a few old faces again?
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Still as a Statue [PLOT / CLOSED]
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