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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 You put the 'hot' in hot fudge sundae. [closed]

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PostSubject: You put the 'hot' in hot fudge sundae. [closed]   Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:06 pm

The day was bright, the bird were singing and the bakery was as lively as ever. Bushy greens lined the store and big crystal windows displayed the freshly baked goods that were prepared that morning. Everyone seemed to be dressed in bright colors for the fall season, blending in to the red, yellow, and orange atmosphere. Except for one girl, whom stood in the shadows with a dark blue parka-like jacket, jeans, and a beanie hanging out of her pocket. Her long blackish hair was bunched up in her hood, and her hands were pushed into her pockets as she acted like it was the middle of winter.

She was waiting for a friend? Yes, a friend. They were to meet at 2:00 and out of nervousness the girl had arrived at 1:30, regretting the decision because of the weather. It was probably somewhere in the 70s, temperature wise, but that didn't give her an excuse to not freeze her ass off. They were about to eat the coldest treat as well, but what wimp would back out on the best thing in existence. Olive stood on her tip toes searching the streets for Barry, anxious to get inside.

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PostSubject: Re: You put the 'hot' in hot fudge sundae. [closed]   Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:08 pm

Barry wore a sweatshirt and jeans along with his converse even though he didn't really need the sweatshirt. His hands were dug into the large single pocket at the front of his sweatshirt as he made his way through Rosebury towards the bakery. Edward had made sure that Barry met up with Olive. It kept the green-eyed speedster out of the dorm so he wouldn't sulk away the day. Barry spotted the girl standing on her tiptoes in front of the entrance to the bakery and he made her way over to her. "Hey Olive," he said simply as he approached her. He still wasn't sure what had made him say yes in the first place, yet here he was, albeit because of his brother.

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You put the 'hot' in hot fudge sundae. [closed]
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