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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 [Private Message to Chip Dalton]

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Post[Private Message to Chip Dalton]

Nira Nabell says: How is my favorite student doing?

With all the frightening things that have been happening around campus lately, I have been curious to read up more on the schools history, which I'm sure you would also have an interest in. The woman, in charge of those bad people, she used to attend here - did you know that? The daughter of the former Headmaster and Headmistress. She was quite young then, but she quite loved this book. A few stories in particular. Now, the copies we have left are quite old and worn, and they're taking time to piece back together, but I'm trying my best! I'll send you them as I can see them fixed!

Chapter 12 wrote:

There was once a band of children who huddled around their feeble cabin fire, two boys and two girls. The eldest brother took his siblings by the hand in turn and said, "since our own dear parents deaths, there ha not been one happy hour where we have not slaved over these barren lands. Our stores of grain are little, the water is tainted with filth, brigands raid us by the day, and the wind tears our home with it's bitter cold. Come, for all our sake, let us wander forth into the wide world in search of better fortune."

So for the next whole day and night, they traveled long over lonely dry fields, meadows, and stones. By evening they came to a new large forest, and were so wearied with grief, hunger, and their long walk that they lay beside each other below a hallow tree, and went to sleep.

When they awoke, the sun was risen high, leaving them in warmth and parched. The youngest sister then said to her siblings, "I am so thirsty! If I knew there was a fresh stream, I would go to it and drink! Ah, I think I might hear one running!" And so she got up and went in search of it, leaving her siblings to chase her. As she traveled, the forest has turned murky, and some time had gone by before she had found the tranquil brook under the shade of an elder tree. She knelt beside the water to drink, but as it swirled in her hands, she could see that she had been mistaken, and could see the water's ill rot clinging to her skin. Then she began to lament, and to cry louder, and louder, and as she cried a voice called out, "Why weep, child! Your tears would melt a mountain into pity!" And she looked around to the spot to whence the voice came and there saw a sleek cat slick out of the shadows. "Ah!", said she, "was it you that spoke? I am weeping for my siblings and I have nowhere to go, nothing to drink, nor anything to eat, and now we are weak and longing."

"Be quiet, and do not cry," answered the Cat; "I can give thee good advice. But only when the well days have come if thou let me accompany them, be thy companion, be warm and eat as well as thou wilt - promise me this and your wearies will be done."

"Oh, I will promise you all," said she, "if only what you say is to be true."

She took after the cat, following him throughout the shadows and enduring the strangest chill until they arrived at a quiet pool. It gleamed a warm light, but no sun was in sight, and she marveled at the flowers around, which seemed to shimmer gold. The youngest sister was compelled to drink from it. No sooner than did she drink did the water rise to her knees, every step following her own. "You have done me such a service that I should never willingly forget, nor will I ever weep again," she gasped to the Cat. "Allow me to find my brothers and sister, wait for me, and we shall all live in peace forever more!"

The Cat curled up beside the pond as she disappeared back into the dark, half a day passing before she and her siblings made their return. From then on after, they had made their peace in the world and their place therein close to the blessed pond. The eldest brother would be certain not a day would go by where his siblings would starve again, for at his touch, the most delicate herbs would grow, to be fed to their own or crops to the cattle. Not a dark day went by so long as the youngest brother stood, parting the clouds away with a soft breath. Bandits nor brigands bothered the family again, fearful of the flames of the eldest sister, tales of her scorn reaching far corners of the land.

As years past, the siblings had all married and had many kids of their own, a kingdom forming over the small home they had built together; quick to become a true paradise. The youngest sister was known as the most wise and kind of them all, beloved and ever accompanied by the elder Cat at her side.

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[Private Message to Chip Dalton] :: Comments

Re: [Private Message to Chip Dalton]
Post on Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:33 pm by Splotch
Chip Dalton says: wrote:
I'm doing fine, thank you!
I never came across this story before...I can't seem to recall it anywhere else. This makes the story seem all the more interesting, building off of the reference to abilities at the end. Do you think this story influences the woman...?

You've given me a lot to think about, thanks for the story! Let me know when you put together any more.
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Re: [Private Message to Chip Dalton]
Post on Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:18 pm by Ebony
Nira Nabell says: Yes, I think so. There are a few pages torn out and notes written all over the sides. I'm really surprised she didn't take the whole thing with her once she'd left. In time, I think we'll be able to learn a lot!

(Thank you!)
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Re: [Private Message to Chip Dalton]
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[Private Message to Chip Dalton]

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