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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 2017 (+20) Fourth Annual Summer Tournament !!

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Post2017 (+20) Fourth Annual Summer Tournament !!

The past year has been nothing short of fight after fight,
a constant stream of rivalries and battles that some might even call torture.
Even throughout all the chaos, there are still those among the school that
thrive, the strongest of the students, ever eager to prove themselves among
their fellow peers! They survive and thrive!

This year, however, it's clear that even Beata's most brilliant can't take on
some of their greatest challenges alone. In these trying times, isn't it
only right that you need to band together to survive?

The Summer Tournament is Back!

The Summers of Beata know nothing but unbridled passion, and it's time that be shared with the rest of the school!
Our blessed and talented master of mirages will once again host this years battles!
All weapons and gifts will be allowed, as none of the damage caused during the fights will actually be real.
The only thing that's real is your skill and determination!

This year, however, the tournament will be a special event for teams of two.

Rules ::
1. Two characters max per person will be allowed to sign-up, as usual. Teams must consist of two different roleplayers, however!!
(e.g. I can't have both Kota and Pres on the same team, as they're both my characters,
however Kota and Will would be acceptable, as the charries belong to two different people.)

2. If a match has gone on for too long with at least two opponents still standing, a judge will end it themselves and declare a winner.
Don't be afraid to fight dirty, though!
3. Keep the topics timely! After your opponent has posted, you will have 24 hours to respond, or you will be forced to forfeit!
******** At least one person on a team has to respond within' 24 hours for a team's turn to count as completed. However, if the team partner does not post before the opposing team does,
they 'forfit' their move and are considered more 'vulnerable' in-roleplay against the enemy team! Work together and strategize!

4. As always, keep a check on god-modding and powerplaying!

Prizes for the winners will be determined by the number of participants.

Sign-ups run from now until 7/22/2017.
The tournament will start 7/23/2017.

Sign-up today and start training !!

Just post this form in the comments to sign your character up~
Feel free to post here or make topics ooc if you need to find a partner!

[b]Team Name:[/b]

[b]Participant One's Name:[/b]

[b]Participant Two's Name:[/b]

- - - - - - -

{2016's Tournament Standings!}

{2015's Tournament Standings!}

{2014's Tournament Standings!}
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2017 (+20) Fourth Annual Summer Tournament !! :: Comments

Let the Games Begin.
Team Name: Team Pizza

Participant One's Name: Will Kennedy
Gift: Kinetic Energy Manipulation
House: Autumn

Participant Two's Name: Dakota Hall
Gift: Mind Reading
House: Summer

Team Name: Speedfam

Participant One's Name: Barry Jackson
Gift: Super Speed
House: Autumn

Participant Two's Name: Felicity Collins
Gift: Super Speed
House: Autumn
Team Name: Teenage Dirtbags

Participant One's Name: Addison Harper
Gift: Time Perception Manipulation
House: Summer

Participant Two's Name: Lowell Muller
Gift: Super Strength
House: Initiate

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Team Name: Jumping Beans

Participant One's Name: Caine Mallon
Gift: Werewolf
House: Initiate

Participant Two's Name: Mikaela Bryson
Gift: Vibration Manipulation
House: Summer
Team Name: The Story of Pain

Participant One's Name: Chip Dalton
Gift: Literary Manipulation
House: Winter

Participant Two's Name: Riley Richardson
Gift: Pain Manipulaiton
House: Autumn

Team 1: SpeedFam
Barry Jackson and Felicity Collins

Team 2: Team Pizza
Will Kennedy and Dakota Hall

Team 3: Teenage Dirtbags
Addison Harper and Lowell Muller

Team 4: Jumping Beans
Caine Mallon and Mikaela Bryson

Team 5: The Story of Pain
Chip Dalton and Riley Richardson

Team 6: N/A
Renji Mikaelson and Caitlyn Leiden

Team 7: N/A
Peter Ivanov and Pepper Ashina

Team 8: N/A
Anne-Marie Taylor and Poppy Hazelton

Team 9: N/A
Arianne So and Gage Westbrook

Team 10: N/A
Ishiko Michiba and Cassandra Grayson

Team 11: -

Team 12:-

Team Name: Space²

Participant One's Name: Eliza Walker
Gift: Space Manip
House: Winter

Participant Two's Name: Benjamin O'Brien
Gift: Power Replication
House: Autumn

Participant One's Name: Cayden Hawke
Gift: Solar Manip
House: Winter

Participant Two's Name: Thomas Haynes
Gift: Solar Manip
House: Summer
The Tournament Has Officially Started!
If you have a character registered, head on over and post!
You have until 5:30 PST on 8/7/17 to get your entrance in!


2017 (+20) Fourth Annual Summer Tournament !!

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