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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Night Terrors (open)

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PostSubject: Night Terrors (open)   Sun May 14, 2017 9:52 am

No she was not having night terrors and no she did not miss her mum and dad and all... Well, maybe a little bit... but ah, it was too late to be regretful. Anne had crawled out of her bedroom in the Summer House quarters, all trembling and crying after a bad dream had disturbed her sleep. For the first part, she hadn't been aware that she was in Beata and not at home, and the little girl had been searching for her parents' bedroom desperately. Reality caught up with her, and she realized she was far, far away from home.

Stumbling on the corridors and clutching a pillow, the Summer tried to find her way through the hallways to a quiet spot to sleep into. By now, the girl could happily crash onto the floor, if it wouldn't have been for her dignity. Luckily, she seemed to come upon a door and she quietly pushed it to get inside a quiet room. Armchairs and a sofa, a coffee table and a TV were the only furnishing, and five doors connected to it, besides the one she had used. Anne-Marie figured those were for the four houses, the Initiates, and one for the general exit. The room itself looked a lot like it could be a lounge, but by that time the youth did not care. Yawning and adjusting her red-rimmed glasses, she crawled atop a sofa and curled into a warm ball.

A few good hours passed, and the lounge was silent, the only sound the barely audible snores of the child sleeping on the sofa. The lights were off and the room had succumbed into darkness. It must have been well past midnight, but still, foot steps could be heard making their way towards the room. Anne, a truly light-sleeper, registered them fast and woke up well before whoever was causing them had reached the room. The Summer was gripped with irrational panic as she hid behind her large pillow. The door creaked, but it was too dark for the girl to register who had opened it, and from which corridor that person had come from. The light opened and she squeaked pressing her hands against her face, wondering who could have been wandering the hallways past curfew at that hour, and even more how they would react to a twelve yearold ducking away on the couch. It was truly unpleasant that she had had to be woken up at that hour, but Anne was even more concerned that whoever had discovered her was a faculty member. If that were the case, there was no telling her punishment for being out at that time. She just mentally crossed her fingers for luck and dared to look up.

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Night Terrors (open)
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