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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Thick Skin (open for dorm 406)

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PostSubject: Thick Skin (open for dorm 406)   Fri May 12, 2017 7:29 am

Evelyn had not long ago been sorted to the Autumn house. She liked not having to sleep in the same room with a bunch of strangers, now actually having her own private room and bathroom to keep to. Which was nice, since she hadn't taken a shower in a week. It was a mess, having to clean her sack-like skin, the sort of material olden day girls used to make their dolls out of. The Autumn liked thinking of herself like and ambulant freak show with this gift of hers, because every day she seemed to find something weirder about herself.

The girl walked out of her private bathroom wrapped in a bunny bathrobe, snuggling in its comfortable softness. Her skin was darker than before, because of all the water that had seeped into it and was still drying. It left her feel heavy and with an even smaller wish to crawl out of her bedroom and begin the day. Reluctantly, she exited in the main room, which was empty for now. Evelyn had woken up early on purpuose, just so she could have the time to clean up before she began her day.

Yawning, the ragdoll-girl walked in the small kitchen, checking the fridge for anything she could make breakfast with. The only thing they had was eggs. Ham, some cheese, and a lot of eggs. The girl suspected this was the day the fridge was trully depleted before any roommate went out to get more food. Shrugging, the Autumn decided to make some omelette and treat her new roomamates. She wasn't some big chef, but she knew that recipe from her father. As she pulled out the ingredients she needed, Evelyn heard another door open and she smiled over her shoulder.

"Mornin', roomie." she shot over her shoulder as she closed the fridge door with a gentle nudge of her foot. Her leg making contact with the fridge door let out a loud noise, like a bag had jus hit it. Of course, her limbs were still heavy and soaked with water, and her face and body had the color of a wet sack. She didn't know how the stranger would react to it, but she busied herself with food and tried to ignore whatever they would remark about her appearance.

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Thick Skin (open for dorm 406)
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