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 Art Class. The Hell Class (Open)

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PostSubject: Art Class. The Hell Class (Open)   Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:32 am

Art Class. One of Pokers most despised classes. Not only was he not confident in his drawings but he would always stuff up any type of artwork that he'd create. No matter what the project was Poker could never get a passing grade no matter how hard he worked on it. To him it was a class that he could do without. Unfortunately for him though, that wasn't an option. Just like everyone else he had to attend this hellish class and that's exactly where Poker was. He was sitting down in one of the back seats of the classroom trying to act like a delinquent since that's pretty much how his grades defined him. It wasn't long before the teacher entered the room and everyone went silent. Dropping her books onto her table the teacher spoke in a loud and confident voice.

"Ok Class, I'm assigning you guys a major project to do. And for this one, you're going to need a partner. So pair up. NOW!!!!"

The old had named Ava Breton didn't waste a single second in class and was making people pair up before she even told the students what the project was going to be. Scared by her demeanor, everyone in the class stood up and started looking for partners straight away. Some already had a friend right next to them so they were all set. Unfortunately for Poker though, he didn't make much friends in this class so he barely knew anyone he could team up with. He started looking desperately for anyone who looked like they were a loner themselves and take advantage of the fact that they'd both have no one else to go with. The only other prayer Poker made was so that one other random person would actually be good at this subject so he could throw all the work onto them.
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Art Class. The Hell Class (Open)
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