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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Tedious Novelties

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PostSubject: Tedious Novelties   Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:33 pm

Jerek flipped open his textbook to page 77, and perused through the contents. It seemed that school was over for the day, which was always a pleasure, but he did not want to head back to his dorm just yet. It was far more interesting to stay in the classes after school, which, after all, were easy to open. A few million colonies of radiodurans could mold into just about any key Jerek wanted, much to his own responsible delight. It seemed that Nicola was correct; he certainly was learning to control his powers, and he was experimenting far more with them. It was also refreshing to have a textbook full of illnesses for him to tinker with; after all, if he was going to be a power player at this academy, he needed to delve into every single pathogen there was, and manipulate them in ways hardly imaginable. On page 77, he began scanning through the illnesses presented, finding a few interesting ones. It seemed to go in depth on laryngitis and bronchydus, continued to for a few pages afterward. Nothing new. Sighing, he perused the index once again, looking for more pathogens.

What he found was something a little more, interesting. Scouring page 958, he found what he was looking for: endospores. Apparently, these dormant bacterium were, just like radiodurans, resistant to radiation, although not to the same extent. However, they also had high tolerance for extreme temperatures, and against disinfectants, which was always a plus. He did not want to suffer a loss because his opponent brought soap to a battle. That would be pitiful, to say the least. He took a green notebook out of his lab coat (which he almost always wore in public), and noted it in a table of contents containing all his tactically useful pathogens. He quickly stashed it back into his lab coat, sighing as his mind swarmed with more ways to harm with his abilities. At least he was becoming more in tune with controlling pre-existing pathogens, even those inside of a body. Perhaps he could cure any illness, if he was extremely careful and diligent in his efforts. But that would have to wait, since it seemed someone was heading into the classroom.

Not that it bothered him, since he often left the door unlocked behind him, but Jerek was curious to see who. Although the lights were on, since he had a difficult enough time with vision through his foggy glasses, it was quite late for a teacher to be in the classroom. Well, those were all great questions to keep in mind, but he, of course, had the most prevalent two in his head. Before he could even see who it was that opened the door, he asked, in his calm, analytical voice, "Name and power, please."
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Tedious Novelties
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