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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 i'll take these assholes please

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PostSubject: i'll take these assholes please   Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:40 pm

It was unavoidable that Harvey would find himself wandering the small pet shop situated in Rosebury. Students commonly found themselves perusing the store, admiring the cute cats, dogs, critters, and amphibians. While most come out empty handed, the occasional youth would walk out with a new friend. The red-head was no exemption.

The decaying behaviour of his best friend Mr. Candy was the first sign it was time to grow his family. The dachshund, a usually excitable, although easily exhausted, young boy was starting to slow down in his festivities. Harvey worried as John became less and less interested in food and play. With his actual attendance at the school, the dog was often left home alone. All alone, left to wallow in his loneliness.

The Winter couldn't stand it. He was sure, that by bringing in a new friend, John would perk up again. After all, a new puppy always made everyone happy.

The boy walked up to the counter, the fat wiener dog trailing behind, whining at the leash that his owner held. "Shut up. We both know you'd just run off and eat a hamster or something," Harvey barked, much to his dog's dismay. With a huff the dog stopped his noises and opted to lay on the floor, obviously not amused.

The student sighed, rolled his eyes, and rang the silver desk bell a few more times than necessary. Someone had to be here.

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PostSubject: Re: i'll take these assholes please   Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:12 pm

Closing the glass door of a small reptile tank, Louis snapped shut the top of a small plastic container that was filled with crickets and placed it on a cart with wheels that held all of the other care items. "I'm glad you're full, but we wouldn't want you grow fat," the tall blonde chuckled to a small bearded dragon that sat in the tank, looking up at him with a wishful expression. Out of context, him talking to animals probably made him look like a madman, but to him, it was everyday life.

Finished with the birds, reptiles, and rodents, now onto the puppies and kittens. As part of his everyday evening routine, he straightened up the isles, and then made his way around the shop to feed and care for all the resident animals. The puppies were by far his favorite to handle, for all they would say to him were the simplest of things (for a puppies mind was not very developed, and even when they grew into dogs were they not the most intellectual of creatures), but even so, they were pretty entertaining to chat with. Kittens of the other hand...

Well, it wasn't all kittens, but the current kittens that he had up for adoption were something else, to say the least. Full of energy, sass, and their own ideas, they had no clue how to act around people and because of their attitudes, hadn't gotten a forever home yet. No matter how much he talked to the two white and orange twins about it, they seemed to ignore his every word. Not to mention their wrath upon the smaller animals, scaring all the hamsters to death and trying to eat them, they were crazy. At this point, while he'd tried his very best to be patient with them, Louis was staring to give up, although he desperately wanted them out of the petshop. But then again, if they wanted to be so stubborn and bratty, then so be it, them not getting adopted was their fault.

Letting out a sigh, Louis pushed the little cart over the back corner of the shop and grabbed a bag of cat food, some toys, and a poop scoop for their litter box. Making his way over to the area that held the few kennels of eager puppies and the two kittens on top of them, he looked down to the pups who furiously wagging their tails and looking up at him with wide eyes. Unlocking one of the kennel doors, Louis grabbed two small puppies and carefully set them down into a playpen that wasn't too far away. Opening another kennel, he grabbed a larger puppy and placed him into the playpen as well. Throwing some teething toys in, he leaned over to pet their heads.

"Play! Play!" they begged, whimpering and giving small yips of excitement.

"Sorry guys, but I'm saving the best for last," he spoke softly, wishing that he could sit down and play with them, but first things first, the kittens. Emotionally preparing himself for what was to come, Louis stood up and grabbed the bag of kitten food. Opening the wire door to the multi-level animal cage that held the kittens, he was met with mews, although they weren't the adorable kind.

"We want food, hurry up! Worthless human, too slow!" the twins taunted, heads and tails held high as Louis opened the bag and scooped out a cup full of dry food. "Good evening to you too," he replied with a roll of his eyes as he poured the food into their bowl. He was just glad that everyone else wasn't able to understand what they were saying. "I hope you both had-" before he was able to finish, the high pitched chime of the desk bell rang. Setting down the bag, Louis turned to close the cage door, but the kittens were already one step ahead of him. Shooting out of the door, the two kittens sprinted towards the store entrance, their fur bristling. Good lord, could he ever get a break?

Running after the kittens, he easily caught up to them. Before they were able to reach whoever had rung the bell, Louis bent over and scooped them up into their arms, only to receive hissing and meows of annoyance, plus some sharp kitten claws to his skin. "Gotcha!" he exclaimed triumphantly, wincing at the pain. Holding the two cats tightly in his arms so that they couldn't wiggle free, the blonde stood back up to see none other than Harvey, his brother.

"Oh, uh, hello Harvey, fancy seeing you here," he said over the noisy kittens, a slightly awkward smile on his face, and knowing he must have looked pretty odd holding two pissed kittens. Looking down to his brother's dog, the little dachshund was looking to be older than he'd remembered, and he wondered what the reason for Harvey coming here was. "How may I be of assistance?" the more cherry brother asked through gritted teeth, a smile on his face even though one of the kittens had just bitten down into his arm and latched on, demanding that it be put down. Its teeth might have been small, but that didn't mean that they didn't hurt like heck.


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i'll take these assholes please
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