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 For Loving Me [solo]

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PostSubject: For Loving Me [solo]   Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:00 pm

The world seemed still that day, the snow had fallen mercilessly that night. A clear sky shone above the small town, the sun reflecting off of the snow, making it seem brighter than usual. Icicles hung from buildings, and snow clumps gathered in the arms of tree branches. The road had not been cleared that day. Untouched. Snow filled it to the point where it was like the road did not exist. It was beautiful--and he was just about to go out into it.

The sling was already around Shepard, who was almost dressed as much as Randy from A Christmas Story. The baby’s arms and legs didn’t lay down, but at least he would be dressed warmly.  A sock knit cap was fitted around the boy’s soft hair, the red and white pattern complimented the baby’s rosy cheeks. Wide blue eyes watched the happenings of the daycare in interest.

Leo himself was decked out in winter gear. A white knit sock cap adorned his head, paired with a matching sweater jacket. Warm red pants brought a pop of color, going well with the darker grey winter shoes. Apparently, Aleta had intended for them to match-- as she too wore red pants, white cozy sweater and a sockcap. However, she wore black snow boots.

With a quick check in the mirror, Aleta spun on her heels to face her brother. Leo adjusted the diaper bag that was slung over his shoulder, his eyes meeting Aleta’s. The girl gave her brother a smile and cheerfully lead the way out the door. There was a spring in her step, and the young girl twirled as they walked. Her years of ice skating attributed to her ability not to slip and fall.

Soon enough, Aleta got tired of showing off and fell in step next to her brother, kicking at the snow that covered the ground. It left streak like steps in her wake. Shepard seemed rather amused by all of it, resting his cheek on his father’s shoulder and leaned a bit farther out of the sling. Thus allowing his eyesight to pick up his aunt’s interesting actions in the snow.

They walked in peace for a while. The cold got to nipping at noses, the two sibling’s nose and cheeks were getting redder-- while the infant couldn’t seem more content with the temperature. There red on his cheeks being from his frequent smiling. His aunt had done a fantastic job keeping him in a good mood thanks to her antics.

It was only when they took a left--leaning farther to the outskirts of Rosebury did Leo pause in place. He took his sister’s sleeve in hand, forcing her to pause her merry marching.

”I think it is getting a bit cold out for Shepard. We should head back in town. We have been out long enough.” He took a step right to take the other path back to town. His action was brought to a halt when she took his sleeve and pulled him the other way.

”Trust me!” She insisted, hiding a knowing look from her brother and pulled him onwards. He looked as if he was about to protest-- but seeing how much Aleta wanted to keep going, Leo did not put up any resistance. Merely looking down at his son who appeared to be getting the slightest bit fussy. Shockingly, when the father went to touch the boy’s cheeks to tell how cold he was, Shepard was particularly warm. Leo’s heart leaped up into his throat. Could he be sick? He might have a fever! The boy seemed to notice his father’s eyes on him, and looked up with wide and clear eyes. Eyes that were reminiscent as a day like this. Clear and blue. It seemed to clear up much of Leo’s worries. After all, he had bundled the boy up as if he was going to ship something fragile.

During the time of Leo’s panic attack, they had arrived at a house. It was hard to see the details with the snow that covered the lawn and the house itself, but it was a nice looking building. It had high pitched roofs, and a balcony coming out of the second story, covering the entryway to the double door entrance. For an older styled house, it had wide windows and what looked like an open floor plan. A warm glow could be seen from inside. Red false shutters were on the outside of the smaller windows in the second story, and were able to stand out against the crisp white snow. A chimney poked out of the steeply pitched roofs. A trail of smoke made its way into the sky. Overall it looked quite cozy.

Leo had taken the time to observe the house--that when he looked back down for his sister, she had already taken to skipping down the stone pathway that was cleared from any snow. Immediately, Leo caught up to her-- a bewildered look on his face.

”Aleta, you can’t just enter someone’s property like this--!” He told her in a hushed voice, worried that the owners of the house would see them and scold them for being on their property.

Aleta only let out a pfft and brushed her brother away, leaping up on the steps one at a time for good measure. At the door she grabbed the handle, gave her brother a smug look, and entered the house calling;

”I’m home~” She called, throwing the door open. Warm air was let out of the house, hitting the father-son duo. The older blond stood outside the door for a long moment, having to put two and two together. With the push of warm air, a familiar scent filled the porch. His father’s apple pie.  

Leo’s heart skipped, and flopped.

On one hand, he was without a doubt elated about his parents arriving at Beata. He had missed them, and wanted to share what Rosebury had to offer. Leo wanted to catch up with them and would love nothing more than to listen to his mother go on and on about the happenings of the town. An overly enthusiastic voice filling the house incessantly. It may have been grating at first, but at this point--Leo missed it.

Then the other hand offered a darker thought. It was what kept Leo from stepping past the threshold into the warm and welcoming house. This would be the first time he would see his parents after--well… Blue eyes flickered down towards the little boy that was strapped comfortably to his chest. Leo had no doubt that his parents would love Shepard unconditionally. But could he look his parents in the eyes? Could he handle the look of disappointment in their eyes? Hell, Leo has beat himself up enough over it all-- but just the mere look in their eyes would be sufficient to reduce him to tears.

”Leo? Are you coming in?” A voice called from around the corner, slippers scuffing against the wood flooring, a red apron tied around his waist. Flour coated the front, and somehow; the smell of cinnamon got stronger. Leo’s throat closed, and his breath hitched.

”Yeah.” He responded in a croaky voice, eyes meeting his dad’s. What he saw was a surprising lack of disappointment. Be it from the amount of time that the new grandfather had to resolve himself to his son’s actions--or from the amount of love he held towards Leo. The young man was not quite certain, and he didn't care. The loving look in his father's eyes was enough to bring him to tears.

Not saying another word, they both stepped into the house. It was warm much like he had expected. The wood creaked under Leo’s foot. The spruce stained wood had a charming amount of wear to it. Sitting right next to the door was the same lawn decoration from Michigan. The green frog holding a fishing reel, a cute smile on its face and fishing lures hooked onto its straw boat hat. It seemed to have gotten an upgrade in placement. The frog sat on a side table behind a straw basket that held keys inside. Mail was shoved slightly under the basket, unopened.

Taking a few steps into the open living room, Leo was greeted with the same brown couch from the old house,a new coffee table, and on top of that was a large gift that was left wrapped.

”That present is for you, Leo~” Came a singsong voice from a woman in the far corner of the wide room. A dining table and chairs were set, even a booster chair on one side. The woman was setting the table. Warm brown hair was curled into ringlets, they cascaded down her back. Her signature look.

’Mom!’ Leo cracked a smile and took in a stuttering breath. He missed her voice. It was soft, and almost as pretty as she was. It made the house feel even more like home.

His sister slid over, her socks allowing for maximum slide. A bright smile adorned her face. ”Merry Christmas! I was in on the entire thing.”

Leo had to take a moment to regain his composure, his lips still spread in a smile. Movement from Shepard brought him to reality. The boy seemed interested in the surroundings, and was craning his head around to see. Placing a hand on his son’s soft head, the father gave his family a warm smile. ”Thank you.”

For moving down here.

For not seeing him for merely his mistakes.

For including Shepard.

For loving him.

”For loving me.”

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For Loving Me [solo]
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