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 Icee's Students

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PostSubject: Icee's Students   Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:23 pm

Time Manipulation - Cautious, friendly, quirky, clumsy. With a strong fear of her gift and no parents to raise her, Kyou is an strong, independent, hardworking individual.
Solar Healing - Cheerful, naïve, youthful, uncritical. Stephanie is a young girl who views the world through rose-tinted glasses and would do anything for her family.
Animal Possession - Capricious, lazy, unmotivated, apathetic. Harvey is a rebellious man with a need for pleasure, and has only one friend, his dog John Candy.

Plant Generation - Apprehensive, dreamer, studious, reclusive. A crippled mother and strange appearance left Farkas an anxious, quiet boy without courage.
Solar Infusion - Lusty, heartless, proud, cynical. Elaine, disowned by her family, is a true femme fatale with a strong temperament and an even stronger lust for pain.
Power Replication -

Super Strength - Young, impressionable, hopeful, cheerful. A young boy with a dream of being a hero.
Telepathy - Distant, open-minded, impartial, intellegent. After a life of alienation, Genevieve became detached from and apathetic despite her hidden friendly nature.
Spider Physiology -


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PostSubject: Kyou   Mon Jan 09, 2017 7:23 pm

Full NameKyou Nakamura 中村郷

Current Age16
Date of Birth03/14/2020

HometownBismark, ND

GiftTime Manipulation

Marital StatusSingle
Love InterestJoseph Tseung
FriendsMagic Stein
Luke Layton
Juliette Jung
EnemiesNoah Wayley

Extended FamilyAdeline "Lamia" Tempo
Anthony Barnett
Minami Fujitani

Notable TraitsScar across waist
bright eyes
cute smile
Dress StyleSkirts
Homemade clothes made from curtains
Pastel colours

Anime FCChiyo Sakura
Real Life FCKim So Eun

Making clothes
Horror movies
DislikesRich people
Classical music
NotesHas separation anxiety
Twiddles thumbs
Plays with hair

CreationNakamura, Kyou
ThemeSilhouette - Owl City
Photo AlbumKyou's Album
Dialogue Colour#ff6666
Kyou is a hardworking girl with a hardened heart and strong sense of duty. She strives to be the best person she can be, exercising her mind to its full potential. She carries a love for science, the inner workings of the brain, and has a strange obsession with horror movies despite her dislike for clichés. She is very frugal and wise with her spendings, due to a life on the poverty line, and has a burning hate for aristocracy and it’s capitalistic ways.

Although she is good natured and friendly, she tends to hold people at a distance - emotionally. Her unconscious resentment towards close friendships results from abandonment and trust issues. Kyou desperately wants friends and to be able to connect deeply with people but many bad encounters stop her from fully exploring the possibilities of friendship. In the rare case where she finds herself attached, she tends to latch on in fear of losing them.

✽ Loves everything apple
✽ Owns a pink Gameboy Advanced
✽ Probably cries about Joseph all night
✽ Hasn't been to class in a few months
✽ Wants to be friends with Magic
✽ Dreams of becoming either a therapist, a psychologist, or psychiatrist
✽ Is a afraid of finding her parents but has frequent dreams of going to Japan to find them
The ability to manipulate time. The origins of her ability are unknown, as is most of her genetic background, but this strange power has drawn in more curiosity for her than the identity of her parents. Many other students at Beata have shown the ability to manipulate time in some form or another, but none have shown the variety of control Kyou has. Although her gift has the potential to do many things, a seemingly limitless amount of applications, her fear of the power itself prevents her from exploring the possibilities. This power is her greatest fear because of that reason, and Kyou sets up personal barriers to prevent her from causing any damage to the current state of the world (ie. traveling back in time and encountering herself, learning information about anyone's lives in the future, changing events in her own life, etc.)

As of now, Kyou is able to slow time to a stopping point for days at a time and growing, with only general exhaustion as a result. She is able to travel 10 years forward and backwards through time each way. With each jump (which is not many) she is able to travel further in time, but each time she is struck with headaches, nausea, body aches, and bloody noses from the shifts in time. Kyou is very sensitive to shifts in time, specifically time jumps and other manipulations that might cause disruptions or paradoxes. Because of this, she is astutely aware of any use of time-related gifts, even those using them half-way across the world.

Since it is very easy for her to shift events in her own life time, she keeps a thorough diary of her everyday life. This, coupled with her strong memory, allows her to travel into the past (only when necessary) without worry of running into herself and causing a disruption to the space-time continuum.

Although she hates to admit it, she is arguably one of the most powerful students at Beata Academy.
Little is known about Kyou's life before the age of one. She was born somewhere in Japan, presumably Kyoto as she was dropped off at a small run-down orphanage there at only a few days old. No one saw her mother or father that night. Mysteriously, within a few days of her arrival at the orphanage, the owner was arrested for child abuse and various other crimes, and the orphanage was shut down. Kyou had been on the verge of death from neglect for her basic needs. While most of the other orphans had been transferred to various homes and children centers across Japan, she was sent to North Dakota by some fluke mistake. She was sent to the The Village Family Service Center in Bismark and lived there until it was time to transfer to Beata Academy.

Her childhood was rather quiet. From a very young age, she was highly in tune with her gifts although controlling her before she understood the circumstances was a hassle for the ladies who took care of her. Although she was a friendly child and had no issues socialising, the other orphans and even possible parent options tended to avoid her because of the strange events that surrounded her. This, mixed with the obvious abandonment issues she portrayed as a young child, led her to become quiet and reserved. She focused on her studies and self-interests above everything else. At the age of 10, her first potential foster parent arrived but Kyou, who had conditioned herself to be somewhat distant, let the opportunity pass. Realising her mistakes, the girl attempted to run away, thinking her life would be of no value. After a few days, the orphanage found her huddled, shivering, and soaked to the bone in a back alley.

Taking this mishap to heart, she started to open up a bit more to the people around her. The ladies who oversaw the children's care accepted her immediately, but the other orphans and her classmates still rejected her, though never went out of their way to tease, bully, or humiliate her like they once did. She quickly found herself a job and saved up as much money as she could for the day she could move away and out of the orphanage and into the real world.

At fourteen, she entered high school where she was suddenly introduce to many, friendly people, and many more academic opportunities. Enrolling herself in as many sciences as she could, she grew a name for herself. Now a smart, happy young Asian girl, she began meeting new friends that did not concern themselves with her background. The girl managed to attract the interest of an older, sporty student in her school, and although she accepted his invitation to date, she remained wary about their closeness and relationship. After a few months of seemingly uneventful dating and school life, her boyfriend began pressuring her into more sexual actions she was not prepared for. After almost forcefully taking her virginity, she left the boy. This in turn caused many of her friends (as they were also his friends) to believe his lies about the girl and turn away from her. By the end of the year, she was alone once again. This time, the women in charge of the orphanage gave Kyou a pamphlet they had discovered for a school not far away. This school, advertised to few, had all the makings of a great place of acceptance. Without hesitation, Kyou packed her bags and set off to Beata Academy.

☆ Note goes here.

☆ Note goes here.


Hover over pictures for a description of the relationship.

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PostSubject: Re: Icee's Students   Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:31 am

Full NameStephanie Marian Hawke
Nickname(s)Steph, Sunshine

Current Age14
Date of Birth12/19/2022

HometownMadison, WI

GiftSolar Healing

Marital StatusComplicated
Love InterestChristopher Allen
FriendsChristopher Allen
Cayden Hawke
NeutralRobert Cooper
Juliette Jung
Magic Stein
Joseph Tseung

MotherClaudia Hawke (neé Amell)
FatherHenry Hawke
Brother(s)Cayden Hawke
Sebastian Hawke-Amell
Extended FamilySamuel Wicker
Daniel Wicker
Larissa Wicker
Elaine Lavigne
Marcel Amell
Valerie Amell
Adalene Amell
Bridget Amell

Notable TraitsSmol
Strong eyes
Abnormally warm body temperature
Has a "glow" to her skin
Dress StyleShorts
Tank tops
Bright colours
Summer feels

Anime FCMashiro Shiina
Real Life FCElle Fanning

Root beer
Visiting her twin's grave
DislikesMean people

NotesHas nyctophobia

CreationHawke, Stephanie M.
Theme5 Years Time - Noah & The Whale
AlbumKyou's Album
Dialogue Colour#cc3366

☼ Tends to become quiet during storms and dark days
☼ Is incapable of descerning romantic love from familial/platonic love (changes as she grows older)
☼ Was very protected and is thus naïve about the world
☼ Is too forgiving
☼ Respects her brother above everyone else despite his stupid decisions
☼ Currently suffers from amnesia caused by her cousin, Samuel
☼ will probably cry to death when she gets her memories back and remember's seba's dead body
The ability to heal by using solar elements. Stephanie is very in tune with her abilities like the rest of her family. Inheriting the solar gift from her father's side of the family, the Hawkes, Stephanie is able to heal anyone using the solar energy she absorbs and stores. Although her older brother Cayden possesses a much more acrobatic solar power (Solar Manipulation), his healing capabilities are much weaker than hers, even though she has not had much training.

Stephanie, like her brother, is immune to heat, solar/IV rays, radiation, and any form of solar or heat energy. Her body is constantly at a warmer temperature than most, making it impossible for her to be effected by the cold. Although she is constantly warm, the heat does not affect her in any way. Since she is immune to heat signatures and the like, she does not tan, sweat, or develop heat exhaustion. Because of this, she can stay in the sun for as long as she likes, which could be forever if not for the sun setting, rain, or other things that obscure the sun. She is also able to cancel out Christopher's constant cold temperatures, leaving them both able to experience a comfortable temperature when near each other, or holding each other.

While she is mostly untrained in her skills, Stephanie is able to heal major and minor wounds with a small fit of fatigue after, as long as she has enough energy stored to do so. Stephanie must be in direct sunlight to refuel her storage, and cannot heal unless she is in direct sunlight or has the energy stored. She is unable to heal sicknesses, but can heal internal wounds and bruises if she knows where they would be.
Stephanie was born alongside her younger twin brother, Sebastian in Madison, Wisconsin. Born to Claudia and Henry Hawke as the first daughter, she was often spoiled by them, as well as her two year older brother, Cayden. From a very young age, the girl possessed a cheerful and delightful way of living and viewing the world. She often found herself in the back garden, playing amongst the flowers and enjoying the sun until it went down.

Her parents made sure she grew up ignorant of the world's horrors after their sons were shown them at an early age. The family was well known for having special abilities (their mother's estranged family being such a highly respected gifted family), so it came as no shock when Cayden showed his solar abilities, like their father. Henry was rather ruthless in training him, and a bad relationship formed as a result. Cayden soon expressed bad behaviour to anyone but his dear little sister. She did not mind, but their parents did not approve of his actions. Stephanie was aware of his poor life choices, yet chose to treat him like any other person, knowing fully well that his actions were only caused by the treatment he received from others. She was shocked to hear Cayden was "shipped off" to one of their distant relatives in France in the middle of the night so he could work on his behaviour, unknowing that he had in fact run away with no intention of returning.

Before her dearest onii-chan was "shipped off to aunt Gertrude", Sebastian's powers had also emerged. Henry was excited for another solar-adept child. But the strange mental control abilities he possessed were not what anyone was expecting. Claudia was rather distraught, knowing full well her families policies. Claudia Hawke, once an Amell, had been disowned the the family head when she showed no signs of mental abilities, let alone any abilities at all. Despite this disownment and banishment, Amell law clearly stated anyone born with Amell blood that possesses a mental control power will automatically be accepted into the family. Without any say in the matter from any of the Hawkes, Sebastian was quickly swept away at age 9, leaving his twin sister with one brother less. By the time Cayden had left, Stephanie was all alone. She had her parents and her friends, but she feared she would be taken away from home just as her brothers were.

Just before her 13th birthday, her own powers manifested. Much to Henry and Claudia's joy, she showed solar abilities. Unlike her brother, her gifts were limited to healing only, but she became excited anyways. She was never fond of offensive attack, and enjoyed bringing her loved ones happiness. Pleased with her gifts, she was told of Beata Academy, a school built for young adults like her. At first she protested, stating she did not want to leave like her brothers, but word came that Cayden had been enrolled in the institute. Swayed by her longing to see her older brother, she agreed to attend the academy.

☆ Note goes here.

☆ Note goes here.


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PostSubject: Re: Icee's Students   Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:17 am

Full NameHarvey Victor Ashina
Nickname(s)Harv, Fat-ass

Current Age20
Date of Birth12/31/16

HometownFort Collins, CO

GiftAnimal Possession

Marital StatusSingle
Love Interest[None]
FriendsJohn Candy
NeutralJonathan Kent
Sloane Stalisto

MotherLaurel Ashina
FatherKengi Ashina
unnamed brothers
Sister(s)Pepper [step]
Extended Family

HairStrawberry Blond [Naturally black]
Notable TraitsMole just under his lips
Dyed hair
Dress Stylewip

Anime FCNatsume Asahina
Real Life FCEddie Redmayne

Dislikes [wip]
Notes [wip]

CreationAshina, Harvey V.
ThemeThe Lazy Song - Bruno Mars
AlbumHarvey's Album
Dialogue Colour#cc3300

☆ Note goes here.

☆ Note goes here.


Hover over pictures for a description of the relationship.

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Icee's Students
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