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Rumors of a List are beginning to circle around the school... A list of what...?
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 Join the Santa Monicas

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PostSubject: Join the Santa Monicas   Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:19 pm

The Santa Monica Gifted Allegiance, known as the Santa Monicas, SMGA, or the Samos, are a gifted gang and new subgroup of Argona's Force, operating loosely under the name with recognition of Argona as a powerful force among the 'free' gifted, the gifted who use their powers freely and to the best of their abilities. The Santa Monicas value the use of their gifts to cause mischief, because they believe their superhumanity makes them above the law and those who are 'normal,' or without power. They detest Beata for their attempt to 'control' and 'brainwash' gifted into inhibiting their powers, and they recruit on the basis of liberty, of being free to do whatever you want on the grounds of using your gift as intended, to live life as enjoyably as possible, without restriction.

Though they originally were founded in Santa Monica, CA, where they continue to operate, the Samos operate out of many different dapples around America, often nomadic and moving across the country in packs. They are one of the prominent AF subgroups in America. The group is led by Arlem Dwynwed, a Welsh-American banker and gifted, who took the group from a normal group of bikers and mutinied the ungifted leader, forming it into the gifted recruitment group that it is today. His daughter, Myfanwy, is a member of the group and heir to its leadership.

I'm hoping that with this group I can start to help Argona's Force form into something a bit more tangible. I think it'd be cool if AF was less of a weirdly-together illuminati cult and more of dappled gangs across the world under the domain of "when needed, we can come together." These gangs can have different values, creeds, and actions, but all recognize Argona as a respectable and worthy higher-up and are loyal enough to come to her call.

If this was the intentions already, well this is me jumpstarting it.

If you would like to enlist your character into the Samos, please rise, remove your hats, and say: "I pledge [character's name] to the Santa Monica Gifted Association" while our group anthem plays.

This enlistment topic will never close or expire. Everyone is free to join the Santa Monicas so long as they denounce their agreement with Beata Academy. No Beata students are permitted to enlist in the SMGA, and if a Beata student would like to, they'll need to leave the school entirely. However, the SMGA targets this group heavily and welcomes them with open arms.

this is my third reboot

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PostSubject: Re: Join the Santa Monicas   Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:27 pm

I pledge Quyen Le to the Santa Monica Gifted Association


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PostSubject: Re: Join the Santa Monicas   Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:29 pm

I pledge Cameron Knox to the Santa Monica Gifted Association

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PostSubject: Re: Join the Santa Monicas   

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Join the Santa Monicas
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